Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscahs (typo intended) 2012

The Oscahs are still going, so I'm not going to speak to who won or how I felt about the show. But of course, I will dole out my opinions on the fashions.  Here are my favorites of the night in no particular order.

Esperenza Spalding.  She just looks so cool. I could never pull off something like this, but it looks so chic on her. 

Giuliana Rancic.  Love this dress so much! 

Gwyneth Paltrow.  I truly wish she'd done something different with the hair, but I still like the look. 

I absolutely loved this dress on Judy Greer. It is so modern and edgy.  And she looks phenomenal in it. 

Here it is from the front.

Leslie Mann.  This is a great cut on her and she did right by the ponytail.

I thought Livia Giuggioli (Colin Firth's wife) looked beautiful and her dress was very unique. 

Michelle Williams was definitely my favorite of the night, although her yellow Vera Wang Oscars dress will probably always be my all-time favorite. 

Octavia Spencer looked beautiful.  I could definitely see myself in a similar dress.  I thought the sparkle was perfectly executed. 

Finally, how great does Sandra Bullock look? The dress is so modern and fits her like a glove.

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  1. I know everyone loved it but I didn't like Michelle Williams' dress. There was just too much going on... layers everywhere.


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