Friday, November 4, 2011

Lessons From My Mother on Her Birthday

Today is my mother's birthday. Normally, it is a day I would readily recognize on this blog, but because I lost my mom two years ago, it is hard to know what to do with this day.  Part of me wants to celebrate it because we always celebrated it together when she was with me physically.  I'm still adjusting to a life without her physical presence, so navigating things like her birthday and Mother's Day are still a bit tricky and difficult. On one hand, I want to be happy and remember the good times.  On the other other hand, not being able to call her or send her a card or gift breaks my heart all over again. But not recognizing this day just doesn't seem like the right thing to do either.  So I decided to share some of the important life lessons I learned from her in honor (and memory) of her birthday.
My first mardi gras.
  1. You know a place is "home" to you when your body feels lighter just by being there.
  2. A woman's place is in the House. And the Senate.
  3. Re: the statement above. Women make policy, not coffee.
  4. Gris gris [pronounced: gree gree, rhymes with "brie" cheese- I'm terrible at explaining this] is a vital thing as a fan of LSU football.  Gris gris, in our family, is defined as the superstitious articles you wear or display on gameday.  If the Tigers lose and you were missing part of your gris gris, you may be the sole cause.
  5. Life is short. 
  6. Eliza (le dog) can understand every word I say and I should always communicate with her.
  7. In fact, you can have too many plain colored t-shirts. 
  8. There is little in the world that can rival Mexican food in goodness and good times. (And by Mexican, I mean cheap Tex-Mex.)
  9. Love You Forever is a great children's book.  And makes me cry like a child nowadays.
  10. Nothing says "Christmas" quite like Mariah Carey's original Christmas album or The Carpenter's Christmas album. 
  11. Celebrate Halloween with children!
  12. Serve others.
  13. If you need to get your emotions out, trying writing them down and seeing if that gives you relief.
  14. Appreciate old friends.
  15. Try to let other people in your life do things for you. Other people need to be needed just as you do.
  16. Always, always, always smile at babies! And talk to them in a soothing voice! And hold them every chance you get.
  17. How to make a mean queso dip.  More importantly, how to enjoy a mean queso dip. 
  18. How to make a TON of Christmas cookies as gifts for friends. Homemade, hand decorated cookies are best. 
  19. Travel! Everywhere!
  20. Good music + open road = possible speeding ticket when you look down at the speedometer and realize you are going 15 over. 

Not to sound preachy, but if you can, call your mother today. Even better if you can give her a hug in person. 

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  1. what a great sweet post. i think it is normal to be sad and mis her every day and especially today, but it sounds like she was he type of woman who would want you to celebrate! and it is a friday, so get out there and celebrate!


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