Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can Someone Please Explain To Me

Couldn't resist posting this adorable picture of Eliza. Her bed is from HomeGoods, where else? 
Can someone please explain to me the answers to the following questions:

Why is the generic of my prescription only $2 cheaper than the name-brand drug? And why on earth did my doctor write the prescription for the generic so I don't have a choice in the matter?  If it's a difference of two dollars, I'll pay the extra money and stick with the drug I've been taking for quite some time, thankyouverymuch.  But, since it practically takes an act of Congress to get my doctor in Tennessee (yes, I know I need to find one in DC) and the pharmacy in DC to communicate, it is a WHOLE lot less hassle to just stick with what she wrote. 

While we are on the topic, can someone tell me how CVS stays in business when their customer service is absolutely terrible? Not to mention the stores are often dirty and disorganized, with bins that will likely cause you to trip sticking out in the middle of the aisle at all times of the day.  Not to mention the insane mark-up.

Also, could someone please explain to me why grown women of the world cannot figure out how to flush the friggin' toilet in a public restroom.  I mean- COME. ON.  It is not that difficult. 

I've been wondering for about a year now why the gel eyeliner smudges on my right eye every single day without fail.  And only on the right eye.  Application order or technique doesn't seem to make a difference.  Am I the only one in the world this happens to? And it is bad people- like some serious smudging going on.  Bobbi Brown, help a sista out.  Why does your smudge-proof eyeliner always smudge on moi?

Why do vetrinarians prescribe pills that are the appropriate size for a bull mastif to my shih-tzu?  If you think she's going to eat that thing of her own will, you have another thing coming, sir.  Which means I am going to have to shove it in her throat.  Literally all.the.way.back.there.  Which isn't pleasant for either one of us.  Next time you prescribe her something, I'm refusing the course of medication until you can find a pill suitable to her size.

Why did it take my boots 3 days to arrive from the U.K. (you know, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean) via free shipping but it's taking over a week for some stationery to get here from California via the shipping I paid $8 for.  Somehow I think the answer to this relates to the answer about my generic drug question.

But really, if any of you cosmetic junkies have input about the eyeliner question, I for real need some help in that department.

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