Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Things Come

Good things come to those who wait.

Or at least that's usually what you try to tell yourself when you are waiting on things.

This post is not "deep" at all.  It is about stuff. Awesome stuff.  Stuff from the United Kingdom.  (Sadly, no- not Prince Harry or the Duchess of Cambridge. But still awesome.) 

Way back in May I became a woman obsessed with a certain purse.  I've always loved bags- like had an obsession since the age of two.  I used to walk around with a purse at age two.  Anyway, as you well know, I fully jumped on the Middleton sisters bandwagon.  When I saw the pictures of Pippa leaving the Goring Hotel the day after the royal wedding, I became obsessed with the "Pippa" bag by Modalu London in "Shark."  (It was formerly named the "Bristol.") 

So I debated about getting the bag for the longest time and by the time I decided to pull the trigger, it was on backorder until October.  Well, I ended up getting my bag a little sooner than that- I got it in September and I've been loving it ever since. 

Here's what my bag looked like when she arrived:

Ahh, so pretty!  And a great color that is neutral but still stands out.  If you are on the hunt for a really detailed review of the "Pippa" bag, Sparrows & Sparkle has a fantastic one that all but convinced me to buy it! 

I absolutely love, love, love.  

The second thing that came from the U.K. were these lovelies:

These babies are the Catalonia boot from Duo in Tan. These arrived super fast and when there was a problem with my card (word to the wise: you need to order with a credit card, not a debit card) the customer service team was super helpful! 

Please limit the judgement on my enorm calves.
This is my second pair of boots from Duo (I also own a grey pair- are you seeing a theme with the grey?) and I love the boots I already own.   And I want to point out something about Duo Boots- they fit my big ole calves!  This is seriously not easy, folks.  And if you have bigger than normal or smaller than normal calves, chances are they will fit you too!  When you order from them, you choose a shoe size and a calf size.  HELLO!!  Come to mama.  They are more expensive than the boots you'll find at DSW.  These were $285, plus free shipping and a 10% off coupon.  For a pair that will last, that fit me and that I will wear often, I can invest.  (They were an investment for me- I've been toying with ordering them for a long while.)  Anyway, I just wanted to spread the wealth of knowledge out there to any fellow big-calved ladies and small-calved ladies, too!

I think I am absolutely ready for fall now!


  1. LOVE those boots! i have big calves, too so i can never fit in the normal skinny boots. i always have to find ones that fit my calves!

  2. Hi!!! Sorry I haven't been by in awhile!! LOVE the bag AND the boots! Nice buys! I really need some fall boots since I have zilch :(

  3. LOVE the bag, LOVE the boots...
    I seriously understand why some certain folks tend to copy your every move ;)

  4. I need the bag. I'm obsessed with bags too. Did you pack and unpack every day as a kid? I was on a perpetual trip. Or maybe I just was a trip.


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