Wednesday, January 18, 2012

21 & Up

I think everyone should have a good flask.  If you think a flask might be a good addition to your party supplies, check out these chic and funny options.
 Fancy option from Jonathan Adler
 How cute is this for the preppy man in your life? (I know men don't love the word "cute" but I couldn't resist.)  From Smathers & Branson.
 This is the flask I have myself. It is so cute and well-made! The etsy seller also sells flask funnels- so perfect! 
How funny is this cheeky flask from Urban Outfitters
Finally, I love all products MikWright, especially this flask.  It says, "for the record, the only problem I have with alcohol is that i'm running low on vodka."  So perfect for me! 


  1. i need one to take to pta meetings. ha ha! i don't actually go to any of those meetings, but if i did i would totally rock it.

  2. I wonder how awkward it would be if I kept one of these in my desk at work? I kid.....but these are too cute!

  3. maybe if the flask is cute the cops will go easier on you? ha ha, totally kidding. But you have good taste because your flask is my favorite ;D

  4. I often times think about getting a flask, you never know when you need a little something, hehehe, just kidding. I do love the Cheap Date one, I think my husband would like that.

  5. the second and third one are my favorite!

  6. Your flask is cute!!
    I am really loving the "cheap date" flask, though :)


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