Sunday, January 29, 2012

SAG Awards Fashion Recap

Alternate title for this post: I Don't Know Who the Hell That "Actress" is But Her Dress is Really Pretty
This awards season so far has been completely underwhelming in the fashion category, and the SAG Awards were no exception. I have to be honest and say that I didn't watch the pre-awards show nor the actual show, so I've made all these judgements (of the outfits) based on online photos. 
Now on to the people I recognized who looked great...
L to R: Judy Greer, Regina King, Stacy Keibler
I thought Judy Greer was fantastic in The Descendants and she looks beautiful here! And that purple on Regina King is stunning.

L to R: Jane Krakowski, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Diana Agron
I love the uniqueness of Jane Krakowski's dress, Jesse Tyler Ferguson looks so different and handsome and Diana Agron did right by the color pink. (If only Diana Agron would stand up straight!!) 

L to R: Emily Blunt, Julianna Margulies, Julie Bowen
I thought all three of these dresses were really pretty, but I do have to admit they are nothing I haven't seen before. But I would wear Julie Bowen's dress in a heartbeat!

And the people I've never seen/ heard of before but also looked great! 
L to R: Jayma Mays, Aimee Garcia, Naya Rivera
Of all these looks, Aimee Garcia's is my favorite- I just love that fabric.  I think I would wear Jayma Mays' dress before the others, though.  It's so pretty! 

L to R: Ariel Winter and Lauren Potter
Ariel Winter looks very sweet and age-appropriate in her dress.  And how beautiful is Lauren Potter's dress?? I think it looks great on her! 

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  1. Just had to point out that three of the actresses you don't know (Jayma Mays, Naya Rivera, and Lauren Potter) are all from Glee!


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