Monday, July 18, 2011

Ahem... Is This Thing On?

What's up, blog world? Long time no talk. (Or should I say long time no write...)

I wish I had a great excuse for being gone.  If I did, I hope it would be something totally awesome like: the Duchess of Cambridge called me and asked me to be her lady-in-waiting/ bestest friend and I've been in London & quite simply I've been far too busy with things like huge sapphires and beautiful dresses and my super fit boss (and her sister)- to blog.  But alas, I think the combination of laziness, lack of inspiration, and a mounting to-do list just kept me away from blogger.  Truth be told, the past few weeks have left me not even super excited to read my regular favorite blogs.  Weird, huh? I guess there's just something about summer that leaves us all wanting to sprint outside and dodge our computers.

So, what have I been up to? 

Summer classes.

Lounging at my building's rooftop pool.
(Hey- its free. And that is good for this grad student's budget!)
SourceBtw... that is not my pool.  But the sun shines just the same on my less-chic pool.

Taking my pup to and from the vet- and the hair dresser.
By the way- her haircuts now officially cost DOUBLE what I paid for my last haircut.  Totally NOT awesome.
P.S. Eliza's new crack (aka her new fav thing) is pita chips. I wish I had never given her one. 

Making vodka-soaked clementines.
Ahh... grown up fruit.  J'aime ça. 

Filling out paperwork.
That's right, folks! Someone hired this eclectic traditionalist right up and I finally start a new job this week (today, actually!)! P.S. The job comes with a lot of paperwork, but that's okay! I kind of like paperwork.

Making smoothies.
New fav thing: smoothies chock-full of protein from Greek yogurt.  Add in my favorite summer fruits and I am ready to go!

Having my groceries delivered.
Best. Decision. Of. My. Life. {Thus far.}

Flirting with dumping Diet Coke.
This bad habit is a badmamajama to break.

Stalking pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge {aka my new bestie, see above} on her Canadian adventures.
SourceBy the way, I don't care what royal protocol says. When I marry Prince Harry, I ain't never wearing pantyhose. 

Writing a BIG OLE paper.
YUCK. Lord help me.

Scouring the internets and my local stores high and low for a pair of comfortable work pumps.
Not okay. No ma'am. 
Any suggestions from bloggerland? I need PRACTICAL.  

How are you doing out there? Any suggestions for future blog topics? Leave 'em in the comments, loves! 


  1. I had great luck getting some fabulous Nine West work pumps at TJMaxx. They're just standard black, but they're really the perfect classic black pump that everyone needs! Do you have a Burlington Coat Factory near you? They also have great deals on basics.

  2. Okay first, grocery delivery is THE SHIT when you don't have a car. And second, I really like Ann Klein for cute work heels. I have a pair of higher heels (maybe 3 inches?) and they're tall but so comfy that I can wear them all day at work!

  3. This post had me laughing. I have nothing to contribute other than that!


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