Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest Post: Lizzie from le week-end

Today my friend Lizzie is here discussing an awesome-ly frivolous topic: luxury goods!  Thanks so much for guest blogging for me Lizzie.  I hope everyone enjoys this fun & funny post! 
Hey! I'm Lizzie, from le week-end blog, and I'm here guest blogging for my good friend Katelyn! I love shopping, but penny pinching is always an issue. But what if it wasn't? Look, it sucks that these things cost so much money, but let's face it - if you had the cash money to dish out, these would probably be the first things on your list. And you would wear them for the rest of your life, probably for every appropriate occasion. The problem is, the total cost of all these goods is insane. But just in case you make the money little by little- NO! Scratch that. Close your eyes and imagine a place where you suddenly have all the money you ever wanted to finally build your wardrobe from the bottom up. Here's a list to keep you focused and prevent you from completely losing your head and buying that totally frivolous multicolored white Louis Vuitton purse.

And speaking of Louis, that's the first thing I would probs buy if I had an extra $775 just laying around (and an extra $1,080 with personalized monogramming) - the LV Speedy! It's seriously a classic, and it comes in a few different sizes, but I myself find the "Speedy 30" to be a perfect fit. The leather gains a nice patina after repeated use, showing to the world how long you've been a proud LV owner. It's got nothin' on the Hermes Kelly bag in terms of status, but I'm trying to be semi realistic here in terms of $$$.

Well, the chances of you ever owning an Hermes purse are like borderline zero percent, but you could possibly have a nice silk Hermes scarf in your collection of basic designer goods! Depending on what size and style you purchase, the scarves range from a "mere" $380 to a whopping $800. Please, just imagine yourself trotting around with this sophisticated scarf wrapped around your neck or tied nonchalantly on the handle of your LV Speedy!

And trot around town, you will, in your basic black, brown, or nude leather Christian Louboutin classic pumps. At around $600 - 700, I honest to god think they are the only shoes I would ever need to purchase. I have a pair of really nice Stuart Weitzman that I've been wearing for the past 6 years, and I plan on literally keeping them for the rest of my life and never buying another pair of nude heels to replace them. Just goes to show that investing in quality shoes is totes worth it.

David Yurman cable bracelet. I mean, really feel free to buy more than one of these and stack them, but know that that is not a requirement to your fictionally stocked up wardrobe. When I see a girl wearing a Yurman cable, I automatically assume she's classy. Doesn't really matter if she's a huge skank if she's wearing a Yurman. But not one of those trendy seasonal pieces, has to be a classic cable one!

Chanel ballet flats, the ultimate ballet flat purchase. Quality flats in general are a great purchase, and there are so many brands out there that make great ones - Tory Burch, for one... but Chanel invented class and apparently the everyday ballet flat. At more than $500 a pair, it's definitely something you need to save for... and think out your day before you throw these babies on. Look at the weather forecast. Make sure you're walking on cement sidewalks. And definitely don't step in dog shit. Because you will probably cry.

AND FINALLY, something you can actually afford - Ray-Bans! They have tons of classic styles, most notably the aviators or wayfarers à la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. They range from $100 to $200, which is really inflated if you think about how much it costs to manufacture sunglasses, but still, remember that we are in imaginary wardrobe land where you are purchasing all of the brand name basics for the rest of your life. In context, what's a few hundred bucks?!

Classy gal! Now that you have all this gear, you can go ahead and buy that overpriced designer acid wash denim and completely sequined over-sized top. You go girl. Get it.
Thanks again, Lizzie.  Everyone be sure to check out Lizzie's blog where she blogs about all sorts of random and hilarious things! 

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  1. I used to buy those exact same ray bans for about $35 from my wonderful old eye doctor, who had no idea that ray bans had become fashionable. He sold the wayfarers for the same price! lol, if only people knew how the sales gimmick and marketing took over in the '80s and made these prices ridiculously high.


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