Monday, July 25, 2011

Things I'm Lovin These Days

Yall already know about my obsession with Tervis tumblers.  I am truly obsessed.  Now they have handles for the 24 ounce size tumbler. Uhm, I need these pronto.
I have a birthday coming up in September.  Just sayin...

My pals and I have taken to a weekly Sunday Funday.  My productivity basically goes into the negative realm, but it is tons of fun. And in this heat that we've been experiencing in DC, there is nothing to do but retreat to someone's rooftop pool. (In this case, we retreat to mine.)  Now, I know that it is hot EVERYWHERE right now, but heat goes to a whole nother level in DC when it is just as humid as Louisiana (no, really...) and you walk or take public transit everywhere you go.  Seriously. You sweat in places you didn't even know you had. 

To beat the heat, we've been taking to a pool party on Sunday afternoon. This weekend we even grilled out and ate dinner outside. Everybody brought something to share and it  was so fun! I made this strawberry cake from Martha Stewart.  This pic is of it uncooked.  It was deeee-lish.  I added some chocolate chips to the batter- they really balance out the cake well. It got rave reviews and is super simple to make.

I've also been making this blueberry-lemon iced tea recipe each week. It is popular and goes fast!  Its nice and refreshing for the hot weather.

Speaking of Sunday Funday, we were talking about the Duke and Duchess during dinner and someone in the group said, "Does he [William] work?" and everyone in the group looked straight at me for the answer. LOVE IT.  Why yes, I am the resident expert on the British Royals and celebrity babies born circa 2006.  Please direct all questions on either topic to me.

By the way, thanks to everyone who offered good work shoe suggestions! With my first paycheck I plan to place some online orders to check those babies out.

I am now taking suggestions for great lunch items to carry to lunch.  Eating out is tough on the wallet and the waistline, so any suggestions are welcome! My go-to these days is a salad.  I'm just out of the PB&J phase of life and to be honest, I don't like sandwiches anymore if they aren't toasted.  Add to list of things that are weird about Katelyn.

I am also really loving my Land's End Tote these days. It is perfect for throwing in everything I need for work and class for the day and sturdy! And virtually indestructible. Mine was a graduation gift from high school (that's right, high school) in 2006. (Gosh that's getting to be farther and farther away, isn't it?)  It is monogrammed. Duh.

Mine is the size of the one on the second row on the left.  The handles are the perfect size to go over the shoulder. Mine is also one of my favorite colors, yellow. Its great!

This past week I finished The Great Gatsby.  Can you believe it was never assigned reading for me in school? Anyway I read it and loved it.  I have a copy of Tender Is the Night at home in Tennessee and I'm going to grab it to read the next time I go home.  Did you know they are doing a remake of the movie to go out in 2012? Leonardo Dicaprio is starring as Gatsby.  Hello, perfection!

How fun is this map? Are you on pinterest? If you are find & follow me so I can follow you!!! 

Here's another thing I recently pinned.  Uhm these are exactly my type of jewelry.  Maybe I should rethink my position on marriage in the next 5 years... Just kidding. Maybe...
If you just had to decide, which is your favorite?  Mine is the one on the very bottom row on the left.  Perfection to the Nth degree!!!

Okay, ladies. That's enough randomness for now.  I have no blog topic for tomorrow- hopefully some inspiration will find me.  Have inspiration for me? Leave it in the comments.


  1. i have so much to say so i will number my comments:
    1. that US map is the best thing I have seen, made me crack up!
    2. strawberry cake looks delicious, yum.
    3. the humidity is gross isn't it? I live in SC for 6 years and I never thought MD would feel the same.
    4. And Prince william is a helicopter pilot in the royal something or other, right? I actually have no clue but I know he lives in a little village in Whales bc of his job.
    5. Read Great Gatsby in school, so I hated it. I never like books I am forced to read and write thesis papers on. Maybe I'll give it another shot.
    6. The ring kinda by itself on the top is gorgeous, and the one you like too. I like the vintage look of them.
    7. Talk to me about graduation from HS being a long time ago when you hit 15 years, yikes! ;-) I'm old.
    8. Lunch suggestions...hmm chicken or tuna salad and crackers, hummus and pita chips and veggies, falafel and tzatziki dip, veggie wraps, pasta salad, all these are good when it's hot out because they are light and refreshing!
    9. ok have a great day!

  2. omg saw those tumblers handles for the first time yesterady at bed bath and beyond!!


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