Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest Post: Emily on Hair Styling

Today, we have another special guest post.  My sorority sister & friend Emily is going to share some of her tips on how to hot roller your hair!  I know hot rollers may bring back many goofy 80's and 90's memories back for a lot of people, but speaking as a curly haired person, I agree with Emily that hot rollering (or using a curling iron) can help to give your curls definition and order.  
Thanks so much, Emily!!! 
Hey yall! My name is Emily and I am so excited to be guest blogging on The Eclectic Traditionalist today. Katelyn is one of my dear friends and sorority sisters and I'm so proud of her and her blog!
Today I am presenting to you some tips on HOT ROLLER-ing your hair. I am a BIG fan of hot rollers and have been using them religiously for about 4 years. I have very thick and dense, wavy/curly hair and my hot rollers are my bff!  All I use is the BaByliss PRO Ceramic Roller and tons of hairspray!!
I'm a total hairspray junkyyy!!
My hairspray haul! I'm trying to focus on using up a WHOLE can before buying another but this has proven difficult :-)
I like to use hairspray in what I call the 'rainbow' method. I usually hold the can in one hand and swipe it over the top of my head making a 'rainbow' of spray across my crown.
These are my two current favorite hairsprays. Suave Professionals Flexible Hold (Advertises an 'ultra fine mist'. Ultra fine mist is the most important element of a hairspray, for me!) and Paul Mitchell Extra Volume (also a fine mist and a cool nozzle!)

A few things to know:  I am NOT very neat when sectioning my hair and rolling. Because my hair is so thick and dense, for me it doesn't really matter. I let my hair dry naturally before rolling. I find that if I blow my hair straight first, it is too silky to roll really well. I need a lil texture for my rollering!
The first step is to do the 'Mohawk' down the middle of your head. You can see in this picture that I took my bangs/fringe and used a velcro roller to get them tucked out of the way. I then did three big rollers straight down the middle of my head.

Next I tackle one side of my hair. I lift up a top section (closest to the 'top') and roll under. I do try to spray each section before rolling (but I often forget). Try to roll tight and secure firmly. I always secure with the pin and then add the clip on top as well for extra hold. My hair is heavy so I sometimes need both but I recommend always using the pin as it gives a tighter hold. 
I work my way from 'top to bottom' on one side, then move to the other side and work top to bottom, rolling under. I usually have one or two 'stray' chunks in the back to roll and since I have a tough time reaching those i usually roll them anyway I can!

Here's a pic of my whole head. Mohawk down the middle, sides rolled up, pins and clips!

After waiting about 10 minutes or until the rollers cool, carefully remove pins and allow the roller to unravel.
Here's a picture of one 'from the back' after being immediately removed.

Immediately after removing the rollers I spray my whole head, liberally with hairspray.
I generally try to let my hair 'rest' immediately after for about 10 minutes, hairspray periodically using the rainbow method.
After the hair has cooled and set I 'shake' my curls out. You can flip your head over and shake, or run your hands through your mane. I perfer the latter.
I do not need to tease my hair after hot rolling so i sort of tossle the crown with my fingers and spray spray spray.
After "tosseling." 
Here is a picture of my with my hair 'done'
I'm in the middle and posing with two of our sorority sisters.
We wish Katelyn could have been with us on that trip in April!!
I hope that my tips are helpful and have fun HOT ROLLER-ing!!

Thanks Katelyn for the opportunity to share my tips!! 
Thanks again, Emily!! 

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