Wednesday, September 21, 2011

(Not Just Green)Sleeves

I think sleeved dresses are happening right now in a really big way.  Whether or not it has anything to do with these two:
... I'm not exactly sure.  I think the sleeved dress thing might have more to do with the impending cooler temperatures than the Duchess and her sister, but frankly, I don't care who or what is responsible.  I just like it. 

I am not a small person by any means and I have always been pretty self-conscious about my arms.  Typically if I wear a sleeveless dress or top, I pair it with a jacket or cardigan to give my arms some additional coverage.   As women, I think most of us love dresses because you can just throw one on and go.  I love sleeved dresses even more because you can literally be dressed and look finished and polished with one piece of clothing.  And an added jacket can take your look to the next level of professionalism and style if you feel like jazzing it up.

This weekend (you know, in suburbia) I got a bit taken away with ze shopping.  What can I say? Nordstrom also makes me do crazy things.  I found (and purchased- eeek!) the three dresses for this winter and fall.

Polyvore set found here.
 The middle dress was just very flattering on, so even though I currently have no place to wear it, I purchased it.  Thanks to Nordstrom's great return policy, I can leave the dress in my closet with the tags on and return it later this season if I don't end up having a place to wear it.  

The dress on the right I just couldn't wait to wear, so I sported it in the following way at work on Monday.  I realized later that my dress was missing the belt, but I think I actually prefer the look without the belt as there is some elastic at the waist that maintains the shape.
Polyvore set found here.
I think as the temperatures get cooler, this dress will be easy to wear with tights and boots.  The silk fabric makes it feel more special than my normal day wears.

And I keep seeing sleeves EVERYWHERE in stores and online browsing.  I'm sure even Mrs. Obama with her killer arms likes a little extra coverage sometimes, and this season designers and stores are definitely offering options.
Polyvore set found here.
I'm really excited to watch the fashion blogs this fall & winter to see how the stylish ladies out there decide to work this style. 


  1. i have some dresses with sleeves and i always love the fluttery style, short or long- i think they are flattering! i don't like the tight arm style- it always feels uncomfortable anda little constructing to my huge bicep muscles (ha ha!). that was a joke. in case you thought i was serious.
    i love that dress you highlighted and think it would look great on you, esp with your coloring, too!

  2. I love all of those dresses but ESPECIALLY the one on the right! I want it! Haha I have a great dress with sleeves from Nordstrom as well - it's super flattering and short and paired with heels my legs look great ;) HAHA. But cosign about being self-conscious about my arms. I think it's pretty universal - even my skinny friends worry about theirs, so I'm working on just embracing mine. Considering they're exactly like my mother's, I'm sure they're not going away anytime soon haha.


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