Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Post: A to Z

I've gotten to where I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis.  And I really enjoy getting to better know the bloggers behind the blogs. I just think blogs are such a great way to connect with other people and find people who share some of your same interests but also have their own unique perspectives on the world.  In the name of sharing more about myself, I thought I would write up this little A-Z blogger questionnaire.  Who knows- maybe even my close friends who read this blog will learn something new!

Area code
 901 for Memphis.  I seriously hope I never have to change it. That would be far too complicated at this point. 

Bed size
Queen bed.  I'm only one person and it is perfect for me!

Chore you hate
I hate to sweep and mop!! My floors are rarely super clean for this reason.  I mean, do not get me wrong it's not a frat house over here, but they do stay a bit untidy.  I also hate doing the dishes.
Randomly, I absolutely love to do laundry! Especially the folding.  Especially folding hot towels.  Love, love love. 

Dog's name
Eliza.  She is often called Eliza Jane. 

Essential "start the day" item
I absolutely must put in my contacts soon after waking up or else I do not gain consciousness for a very long time. 

Favorite color
I have favorite colors for different things.  I absolutely love purple & yellow equally, and not just because they are sort of LSU colors.  I really just love them.  But most things in my house are blue and I tend to wear mostly neutrals in my wardrobe choices although I'm not at all afraid of wearing color.

Gold or silver
Both but lately I am very much into gold.

I say that I'm 5'7" but lately I'm starting to think I'm actually 5'8" based on comparisons with friends.

Instruments you play
None.  There was a brief flirtation with piano when I was a kid. Then there was an even more brief flirtation with the acoustic guitar when I had my I-want-to-be-Wynonna-Judd moment when I was like seven, but both failed miserably.  I was always derailed when it came to learning to read music.  I absolutely cannot read music to save my life. 
I spent a lot of my childhood rocking out to that album.

Right now I'm still technically an intern although I have more responsibilities than I have had at previous jobs and I now get a paycheck (glory hallelujah).  

I love babies- absolutely love them.  As for my own kids, ask me this question again in 10 years. 

Living arrangements
I live in downtown D.C. in an apartment.

Every now and again someone calls me "Kate" or by my last name.  I also have a couple of nicknames from my sorority sisters based on inside jokes.

Mom's name
Jeannie to family or Jean to friends.

Overnight hospital stay
I was once hospitalized for food poisoning and I was there through the night, but not technically overnight.

Pet peeve
People who chew with their mouths open, or worse- speak with food in their mouths.  Blegh blegh blegh.  I also get annoyed when people are not self-aware. 

Quote from a movie
My favorite quotable movies, in no particular order, are: Mean Girls, You've Got Mail, Almost Famous, The Breakfast Club, and Steel Magnolias.  The following quote comes to mind based on the season:

Righty or lefty
I'm right-handed.

I have a half brother who is 18 years older than me.  Quite an age difference!
Me with my brother.
Time you wake up
If I have work, around 6:45 on a good day.  If I don't have work, I sleep as late as possible before my dog wakes me up to go for a walk.

I wear different kinds and I'm currently working on updating my underwear drawer.  But dad-gum those things can be expensive!

Veggie you dislike
I don't really know if they are a veggie or a fruit technically speaking but I hate bell peppers.  I also HATE cucumbers.  If a cucumber even grazes my food, I can taste it and I do not like it.  A lot of people find that strange because they say the taste to them is mild, but to me it is overwhelming in a bad way.

Ways/ reasons you are late
Oversleeping nine times out of ten.

X-rays you've had
My feet and I think my back/ hips at some point. And dental x-rays.

Yummy food you make
My chex mix is kind of famous.  So is my spin on my dad's sangria. I love cooking pretty much everything.

Zoo animals you like 
Giraffes and elephants.  Did you know the National Zoo doesn't have giraffes?? I still don't understand that...
So, Courtney & Megan- did you learn anything new? 

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  1. that is such a fun post! i loved learning some little tidbits about you!


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