Monday, May 16, 2011

A Monday Makeover

While I was at home last week, I finally got a chance to clean up the room I lived in growing up. 

Before I show you the "before" picture, keep a few things in mind.
1. When you go to college and come back over a four year period, things just tend to pile up in your room because you don't need/ want them anymore, but you don't have time to deal with it.
2. I just had a garage sale, that when I prepped for, I just went through my room grabbing things I knew I wanted to sell. I let everything else just kind of fall wherever until I could deal with it.
3. I didn't leave it THIS bad when I left home around Christmastime, but it got this bad after two weeks at home.
4. I'm SUPER a little embarrassed to show you this.
Deep breath. Okay, here it was BEFORE.

Blegh, I know! 

So, when I was cleaning it up I had one main goal:
Make it look like a normal human lives or uses this room, without spending any money.

Okay, so here are the much better AFTER shots:

Organized closet- even though it doesn't look that organized. 

It feels so nice to know that my room "at home" looks normal again. 

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  1. ummm, WOW?!?! I'm not sure I have ever seen your room look so clean at home before.


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