Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sound Off

I try to be a level-headed person, I really do.  But some things just get me angry.  I'm feeling particularly ornery today, so I thought I would sound off here to get it out of my system.  Here goes.

  1. Pantyhose are torture. Apparently (according to wikipedia) pantyhose became more popular in the 1960s when a new production method made them much cheaper.  COME ON, women of the 60s- I'm looking at YOU. When you burned bras you couldn't have burned pantyhose along with them?! At least it would've made a statement that they are AWFUL. 
  2. If you are a cab driver, you are supposed to know where you are going. That is your job. In fact, I'm probably getting in a cab because I need to get somewhere quickly and I don't know where I'm going, so when you ask me for directions, it is endlessly frustrating.
  3. Seat recliners on planes are the worst. Ever.  Unless you are on a redeye, you have some physiological reason for needing to recline your seat, or you are on an overnight (thus likely international) flight, there is no reason in the world to recline your seat.  Especially if you aren't even going to sleep.  It is the rudest thing ever.  And you know what? It is even more rude to help your 7-year old to recline his seat. (You see, he needs help because his body is not strong enough to recline the seat himself!)  There should be a rule: if your feet don't touch the floor of the plane when you are seated, you don't get to recline your seat. 
  4. Tourists in DC- take note. The left side of the escalator on the metro is for walking. The right side is for standing.
  5. Bikers: in a city, you bike on the street. NOT THE SIDEWALK. And if you are going to be on the sidewalk, you shouldn't HIT people as you pass them. And you shouldn't look at my dog with a vengeance- she has a reason to be on the sidewalk. You do not.  This is why they made a bike lane.
What gets you riled up? Sound off in the comments! You will feel better, I promise. I already feel better. 


  1. why are you wearing panythose?! they make me itchhhhh

  2. I NEVER wear pantyhose anymore! They are the worst. And #4 let me tell you, those tourists never learn. I've lived here 11 years...

  3. My current ferocity is targeted at those who ask stupid questions about my twins. 1. They're 6 1/2 months old, yes one is bigger than the other, but there's no way I could have had one baby and then another 2 months later. Yes. They're twins. 2. Lessee, both are dressed in pink, one has a hairbow and one has a frilly white eyelet sunhat. No, they're not a boy and a girl. 3. It's none of your business if I took drugs or not. You wouldn't ask that to a woman with a singleton, would you? So why ask it to me? 4. I don't have time to stand in the middle of the grocery store and talk to each of you for 10 minutes about all of my babies' stats. I realize twins are interesting, sure, but come on. I have TWINS. I need to get in and out in 30 minutes or less before they start screaming!!!

    That does feel better-- at least until someone else stops me at Meijer on Monday. :P

  4. ha ha!! tara is cracking me up! and yes. pantyhose are manmade devil wear. my mom, being 55, wears them eve under her jeans. i kid not. it's so wrong.
    right now what gets my goat is that my daughter is out of school. we are spending every minute together. i love her. i do. but oh she can drive me a little crazy, too.

  5. i love this post!! The taxi one is sooo true!! Driving in the dc area gets me riled up! Why is it so hard to move over to the left lane when you see me trying to merge on the highway? And whatever happened to one then one when merging in bumper to bumper traffic? I am appalled by the blatant rudeness. What do think that by not letting me in you will get there faster? maybe by a split second!! Rude people no matter what situation get me going.

  6. @tara: I used to babysit for a family with fraternal twin boys. One had the cutest curly hair and people would always tell their mom "How cute, a boy and a girl" and she would correct them and say "Oh no, two boys." And then she said so many people would say "Well they are just identical!" and she would think "okay, one minute ago you thought they were a boy and a girl, and now you think they are identical? something is not adding up here!" Haha. People just don't have any sense sometimes. so many little girls are constantly in pink and HUGE bows and people still call them boys.


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