Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Would You Do?

So, I recently decided to renew my lease in this apartment for another 8 months, which makes me very happy! (I really like this place and I really hate moving!) But of course, now that I know I will be in this place longer, it has me itching to redecorate.  Not for any rational, reason, of course.  Just 'cause.

One thing I know for sure I want to improve is the lighting in the "main room" i.e. the only  real room.  Here's what I'm thinking about- please offer up your advice! 

One thing that I really don't love about this place is that there is only one window in the main room.  While it is big, the current window dressings don't leave much flexibility to let in more light during the day.  (They also sometimes let in a little too much light on Saturday mornings.)
Here they are:
See how they are on a rod? Well there isn't much "wall" behind that where I could nail in anything and being that the window is so big, I'm hesitant to explore true blinds because of the potential expense.  Does anyone out there have good advice about another solution? Maybe something that would replace the sheers in the middle but be able to be moved up during the day and down at night? 

The other thing I'm thinking about is adding a mirror.  I would add one I think on the farrrr right-hand wall in this picture.  In this picture, the window is behind the photographer to the left. See the bed? Can you picture the lay out? I'm thinking if I put a mirror over my desk, it will reflect some light from the window. Thoughts?

I would move the poster in this picture and replace it with a vertical mirror.

If you have any other thoughts for making a small space feel a little larger, I would LOVE to hear them.  My number one concern is how it will look, but a close second concern is budget. 

Thanks in advance for your input.

And a BIG THANK YOU to those who left me comments about my comments situation last week. I think I've got it all straightened out now (disqus is gone and not coming back).   To those who leave comments, please leave me an email address when you comment so I can email you back! I love your comments and want to respond to all of them! 


  1. I feel like your apartment should be featured in some sort of Southern Living feature about urban living! It's so cute! I unfortunately don't have a secret low-cost tip for the window situation. Let me know what you decide as I will probably need to get advice in this area as well!

  2. i think a mirror would be great! my problem is that you can see it from your bed and id probably stare at myself all the time... but im putting a mirror in my room i can see from the bed cause it just has to be done! lol

  3. you have such a cute place!! you're a talented decorator :) i was going to suggest a mirror, too. i think a large mirror would help open it up a bit. if you put the mirror behind the couch, that might help fool the eye into thinking the place is a bit bigger. also, replacing the dark curtains for something lighter would also help it feel a bit more spacious.

    just some ideas :) i really love what you've already done with it!


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