Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Thank you to Harper Lee for writing one of the best {if not the best} novel of the twentieth century.  Reading it again has brought me so much happiness and provoked a lot of thought.

Thank you to my readers who keep me motivated to keep on keepin' on with this blog.

Thank you to the city of DC.  The past {almost} year has been a whirlwind of emotions. I am starting to get along better with you.  If you are a DC-er, please read this article on living here.  So true, isn't it?

Thank you to Kate Spade for your sample sale.  I waited and waited and waited some more to be able to purchase the goodie to the left to replace my key holder, and you finally gave me a price I couldn't pass up.

Thank you to my building for handing out pool passes this week. Summer fun, anyone?

Thank you to twitter for providing a network of supportive people to vent to.

Thank you to my dog Eliza for perpetually sleeping late this week. It's been fun.  But we have to get back on a normal schedule very, very soon.

Thank you to my friends, old and new.  I love each of my friends very much.  Ya'll truly get me. 

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