Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Hello, dear readers! Did you miss me? I apologize for the absence, but I've just been experiencing a combination of not having time to blog and not having much to blog about the past few days.  I want to catch up by starting with my thoughts on the Royal Wedding!  

I know, I know. It probably seems like old news by now.  And I mean, some pretty important things have happened in the last four days, to be fair.  I know you might not even want to read about the Royal Wedding anymore, but I kind of want to blog about it just for posterity, if nothing else.  So here goes.

First of all. The dress.  
I'm referring to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's ceremony dress.  It was incredibly beautiful.  I've always loved Princess Grace's dress, so Catherine's dress was just a perfect, slightly updated version.  I have to say, though, that if someone had asked me to say what she would wear the day before the wedding, I would have said something very similar to what she actually wore. So in some way, I was surprised that I wasn't surprised about her dress.  Make sense? Probably not. But it does to me. 
Also... can I just point out that sapphires are my favorite gemstone (also my birthstone).  Catherine's engagement ring is a sapphire.  Also, the name "Catherine" will be incorporated to my first daughter's name someday (assuming I have one).  It was my grandmother's name and the inspiration for my name ("Katelyn" is a form of "Catherine") and I have always intended to pass it on to a child.  Anyway... incredibly random but just some little tidbits about me. 

Moving on to other parts of the wedding.  I really liked how Catherine kept all the details of her ensemble in such a small scale.  The tiara fit her petite waist frame beautifully and matched the small scale of her earrings.  (And honestly, is it possible for her waist to be any smaller? I think not.) Another thing that was beautiful in scale was her bouquet.  I want to go on record now as predicting that bridal bouquets in the next couple of years may get smaller à la Catherine. In fact the only thing that was large in scale on Catherine was her ring.  The world as it should be. 
Catherine's second dress was also really beautiful.  And can we talk about that hair? Actually, I don't want to talk about it.  Sometimes life just ain't fair.
But really, let's move on to the real star of the day... sort of. 
You know who I'm talking about, right?
Um, all I have to say is good grief.  As if the Middletons didn't produce one daughter that was already basically flawless, they had TWO!  Those girls are both so thin! I mean, SO THIN.  I mean, can you see my jealousy through your computer screen? Would you please look at her in the above photo? Her body is completely flawless in that dress! And as if you needed more proof, my friend Neri texted me Friday to say that the announcers on ESPN (of all stations) could not stop talking about Pippa.  "Well," I told her, "that's probably because she was a KNOCKOUT in that dress."  Good Lord. To think the camera adds ten pounds.  My brain is literally shutting down. 

And now, I want to end by passing on a little gem to those folks who haven't seen it yet.  I'm pretty captivated by Kate Middleton, so please know that I am recommending the follow site for its snarky humor, but it is with love that I do so, alright? Alright.
If you have not visited this tumblr site yet, you need to.  It should keep you laughing for at least a good 20 minutes.  Here are some of my favorite "Kate Middleton for the Win"s.  And please don't miss the little tidbit in small print under the photo. 


I actually left out a few of my favorites- but you should definitely visit the site and see them all for yourself! 

Tomorrow, I may or may not recap some of the other wedding fashions.  Until then, dears! 

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