Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week, I think we all have a lot be thankful for. I am as excited as the next girl about the Royal Wedding, I really am. And by the time this post goes up, it will have already happened and we will have seen Catherine (née Kate) in her dress and I'm sure it will all have been very lovely.  As much as I want to ohhh and ahhh over all of that on this blog, the recent devastating weather in the south has kind of grabbed my attention at this point.

On Wednesday, some of the deadliest tornadoes ever hit several states all across the south. CNN currently estimates that over 300 people were killed in these storms.  It is kind of difficult for me to even fathom that. This week, I am grateful that all of my family members and friends are safe and were unharmed in this terrible systems of storms. 

As much as I talk about disliking Alabama fans when it comes to SEC football, when I look at the images coming out of Tuscaloosa it just makes me incredibly sad and my heart brakes for people there.  Today, please say a prayer for and send good thoughts to the people all across the country who have lost a loved one in these storms, lost a "furry" family member, or lost their home or other property. 

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