Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Gratitude Post #5

I am thankful for spring this week. For the beautiful weather, the tulips, and that people in D.C. just seem to be happier in general.  Please check out those tulip fields in the picture. Amazing. 

I'm thankful that this semester is almost over and that it has gone pretty well. Fingers crossed that it will end well for me.

I'm thankful for online shopping. Because when you live in a big city without a car, certain things are difficult to get.  Like dog food for example. 

I'm thankful for a computer that works well and helps me get my to-do list done.

I'm thankful for g-chat and for the friends who are on it all the time.  A special shout-out to Laura who helped me with a resume and cover letter this week.

I'm thankful for my dog Eliza. I'm hoping that our trip home in a couple of weeks goes smoothly. 

I'm thankful for a weekend with no plans. I hope I can get some school work done and get my apartment straightened out.

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