Monday, April 4, 2011

Things I'm Loving Right Now

I finally figured out how to get to the Jefferson Memorial on foot. Go me! I even took pictures to prove it. But I'm not going to post them right now. But maybe I will someday...
P.S. Why isn't there a metro or bus stop closer to the memorial? D.C. definitely fails in making it easy on you to get to many of the monuments. I guess most tourists use those tour bus things, but dang. Can't a regular person get to the monuments without shelling out $30?

Speaking of the Jefferson Memorial, I am really enjoying all the Cherry Blossoms in D.C.  I did not, however, enjoy fighting all the tourists when I tried to go to the tidal basin the other day. I guess people are just trying to enjoy the scenery but my gosh, I felt like there was a competition to see who could walk the slowest while maintaing forward motion. Sheesh.

Okay... off my soapbox now.

I'm absolutely loving everything in this etsy shop, especially these earrings. Which reminds me, I have some stuff to do for work...
Love, love, love.
Have you ever heard of eShakti? My friend Emily introduced me to it about a week ago. It is a site that has dresses from size 0 to 26. The dresses are also customizable, if you want to change them. You can change the sleeve style and the length of the dress.  Pretty cool, huh? 
Flutter Sleeve Dress, $59.95
I'm also loving this skirt from Talbots, but given budget constraints, I definitely won't be buying it anytime soon (or much else for that matter...), but somehow that doesn't keep me from online browsing.

Check out this picture of my aunt's dog. Is he not the greatest?  He is seriously the friendliest dog I've ever met.

Lastly, I made some banana bread this weekend that turned out to be epic. I'll be posting the recipe soon. Get excited, folks!


  1. that dog is hilarious! i love that picture! and yes those earrings and that dress- awesome!!! the price on the dress is great, too. i will have to check out the shop! and i know exactly what you mean about slow walkers- dives me crazy. i pretty much avod malls at all costs unless i bsolutely need somtething because i don't do well in crowds, and slow pwople drive me bonkers. :)

  2. those earrings are awesome! i love pearls, i love gold, the green is gorgeous...what a great find! :)

  3. you always find such darling earrings. i never change my earrings but id like to try to change that!


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