Thursday, April 7, 2011

NYT: A Place for the Imperfect

This morning, an article in The New York times titled "A New Cottage in New Orleans With 'Katrina Patina'" caught my eye. 

The article highlight the story of a couple who lost their home in Katrina in 2005. After many struggles (as you can probably imagine) they rebuilt a beautiful home on their property.  
What's more, Ms. Gentinetta (pictured above) decorated the entire house for $12,477 (excluding appliances and electronics).  That's pretty amazing if you ask me. Even more amazing once you visit the NYT picture gallery and see how beautiful their home is!  It looks like it came out of the pages of a magazine.  She has some great ideas for beautiful furniture and accents on a budget.  Just thought I would share this inspirational story today! 

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  1. OMG her house looks absolutely amazing!! I can NOT believe she only spent over 12,000 furnishing/decorating it. that's freaking insane! what a beautiful home, great to see tha 504 still rising up for the calamity of 2005


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