Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bracing for the Storm

I'm definitely not the only one bracing for Hurricane Irene's impact on the Mid-Atlantic.

I've made all my necessary preparations for life without electricity.  Hopefully, all done in vain.

Even if I'm prepared for nothing, I was never a risk-taker to begin with.  
Way better safe than sorry.
Apparently you do this so you will have water to flush the toilet in case your water stops working?

Be safe wherever you are! 


  1. hey there.... your water will only stop working if you are on well water. since you are in the city most likely you are on city water and don't need the bathtub full- just wanted to let you know. you do however need pop tarts. ;)

  2. mmmm pop tarts. Should have thought of that! this is definitely a smores pop tart occasion! We have been lucky here so far, stay safe!!!


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