Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In a Funk

This week, I have been in a Funk.  Emphasis on the capital "F." 

I don't know why it has come over me or where it came from.  I had an unusually productive weekend.  I cleaned my entire apartment and got several things accomplished that I've been needing to get accomplished.  I thought I was super prepped for this week of getting back to school with grad school classes.  I only had a one-week break from classes since I took classes all summer, so it's not like this back-to-school thing is some radical shock to my system- it's not at all.  I've been doing this all summer and balancing it with my job since July.  Also, the first week of classes usually isn't back-breaking, if you know what I mean, so it's not like I'm overwhelmed by that.  And work is pretty low-stress this week.  My boss even told me at work the other day that I have a little "reprieve" because I am all caught up on my projects and just waiting for some decisions to be made so we can move forward.

I have all these things going for me, but I'm still in a funk!  Yesterday, I arrived at work a good forty-five minutes after the time I usually arrive.  Couldn't get much worse than that, right?  OH- but wait.  Today, I arrived almost an hour-and-a-half late!! My start time is flexible- I did not get "in trouble" for either one of these occurrances.  I arrive most days at 8:00 sharp.  So, if I happen to not make it in until 8:30 or whenever, I just stay a bit later than my usual 4:30 departure time.  No big deal.  It's not the end of the world, but it has me feeling so behind.  This morning I literally could not bring myself to roll out of bed.  The reason remains a mystery to me.  I didn't go to bed particularly late.  I even took a nap before class yesterday afternoon- so I had a reasonable amount of sleep! What's more, my dog didn't even wake me up in the middle of the night as she has grown accustomed to doing lately.  So, why did I sleep a FULL HOUR later than I normally do???

Need futher evidence of le Funk?
I've become very diligent about eating breakfast before work.  It helps get my day going and just generally keeps me on track with choosing foods that are good for me and making other good health choices throughout the day.  Well, today I skipped breakfast. Yep.  And so far this morning, I've attemtped to boost myself with two Diet Cokes (oh, yes- I am FULLY committed to the DC fan club right now), a package of strawberry Pop Tarts, and two mini York Peppermint Patties.  What the HECK, y'all??  I know I bought Pop Tarts for my hurricane prep, but I left those in the emergency stash. The ones I ate today came from the vending machine at work.  For the record, I'm pretty sure I haven't had a Pop Tart since high school.

I'm even in a blogging funk.  I have about three half-written posts sitting in my drafts right now.  Every time I sit down to write them I just cannot get motivated to finish them. 

The weather is even super incredibly nice in Washington right now.  It is absolutely beautiful outside and the perfect temperature!

My birthday is coming up next week and I need to make some decisions about how I want to celebrate my with my friends in D.C. but I can't think of what I want to do.  I'm even going out of town this weekend to celebrate my birthday with my family. I'm super excited about the trip and I have been looking forward to it for the longest time- but in the back of my mind I secretly wish I were going to lay on a beach by myself for four days with no phone calls, texts, emails, tweets, blogs, or other forms of communication in site.  That's right, it is my birthday time (one of my favorite things of the year!!) and all I want to do is go away by myself and not talk to or hear from anyone.  And it isn't anyone else's fault or doing.  It just is.
More proof: Yesterday, I googled deal flights to St. Thomas.  Right, Katelyn- Get a grip.  As if you are going to take off to St. Thomas by yourself???

This is really starting to affect my mood and my interactions with other people.  My best friend and I have been getting in stupid little tiffs over text message, which is obviously senseless.  She even asked me to tell her why I was in such a mood and I didn't even know where to begin. It's like all these emotions are floating around in my brain but they don't stay the same long enough for me to identify them.  Another one of my oldest friends the other day made some off-the-cuff remarks about me that I know she meant in an endearing way, but have rubbed me super wrong and frankly, pissed me off, nonetheless.

Further proof?? I just googled "in a funk" at work and accidentally replaced the N in "funk" with a C.  Awesome.  So glad that will be in my search history here at work.

I need to SNAP out of it but I'm not quite sure how... All I know is, this is not really the way I want to start of year twenty-three.  Heck, this is not really the way I want to spend a single day or hour of my life! Life is short and I don't want to spend it in a mood.

Has anyone else been feeling the same way lately?
What do you do when you get in a mood? Any advice to snap out of it?


  1. maybe you should take a trip by yourself somewhere exotic and fun- get a feel for what you want out of life and just relax and get away? i am in a funk right there with you- sometimes it happens! the best we can do is talk about it and try our hardest to get out of it! but if i were single and had the budget to, i think i would go ahead and book myself a trip. why not? you only live once and it could be what the dr ordered!

  2. Agreed. Go for it! If that's what sounds lovely for your birthday, that's how you should celebrate your birthday. We'll still be here and up for drinking any time you want ;)

    I definitely get into similar funks though, and I think the key is to break some habits just to get to a point where you're looking at things/your day differently. Go somewhere you haven't before to sit and read, eat something totally different for a week (but maybe not Poptarts. I also bought them as hurricane food and they're already gone, haha), make yourself call someone you haven't talked to in forever... just to kickstart your brain again.


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