Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Might Be Becoming an Adult

You know you might be becoming an adult when...

You research the Consumer Reports article on the best electronic toothbrush.
And said toothbrush is on your birthday list.

You are most looking forward to Friday night so that you can go to sleep when you get home from work instead of going to class.
(This might also just be an indicator of a working grad student.)

You get excited about getting your email inbox cleaned out.
For me, this is not yet accomplished but in progress- and that's progress in itself at this point!

Your friends call to share the news that they are engaged or expecting.
This is still taking some getitng used to for me. Especially the "expeting" thing!! Even though I love babies (like, ADORE babies) the idea of my friends having one still kind of flips me out. But in a good way.

You get excited about your Southern Living subscription arriving every month. 
You are even more excited that it only cost you $22 for TWO years!

You realize that dry cleaning is dang expensive.
You probably never realized this before because the 3 things that you owned that were dry clean only would just get thrown in your parents' dry cleaning pile and reappear fresh and clean.  Then, you thought it cost practically nothing!  You also may wish someone had let you know about this BEFORE you bought all your brand new work dry-clean-only clothing.

You think about saving for retirement.
And investing. Whoa dang that stuff is confusing.


You might still be a kid fresh-out-of-college-person because...

You rarely buy a bottle of wine that costs more than $7.
And you get excited when you discover that one of your favorite liquors (Malibu) now comes in a higher proof (Malibu Black) for the same price. Now you will practically save money! Oh yeah, you might also still be a kid because you drink Malibu.  Whatever- it's good.

You still need your parent's advice and help.
Even though you're thinking about saving and planning for the future and retirement, you are still relatively in the dark about what it means to "invest."

You posture with your girlfriends for hours about certain topics.
You know, like clothes and boys and hair styles and movies.

You can't resist topping your fro-yo with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
Even though you know you should be "adult" enough to go with the more sensible strawberries. But darn is there anything tastier in this world than peanut butter cups?


  1. Umm... I'm currently reading consumer reports about a washer and dryer set and those are ALSO on my birthday list. WE ARE SO BORING.

  2. Haha, I love this, I ramble to Ben about being in this weird in-between stage all the time. I both want to watch the throw-back Nickelodeon shows they're airing again because I'm apparently 12, but pissed they're on after midnight because who can stay up that late? Also, I have now put off picking a 401K plan for 2 weeks because I've never been so confused.

  3. You might be becoming an adult when you wake up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning without an alarm.


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