Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Satchel Fever

I truly feel like satchels are everywhere right now! I keep seeing them online and I have to say I really like them all.  They just scream "fall" to me because the shape is so school-like. 

Here's a fun variety of satchels out there on the market right now.
Polyvore set found here. 
They come in so many fun color varieties and price points right now.

Here are a couple of ideas for carrying these puppies.
Polyvore set found here. 
Okay, okay. So this look may be slightly influence by the Duchess of Cambridge.  What can I say? 

Polyvore set found here. 
This outfit would be great for running to class! And most of these items I could substitute with something in my closet. Plus, it's comfy! And I'm all about the comfy.

What trends are you loving right now? 

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  1. That last one was made for me!! Do you hear the angels singing?


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