Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top Ten Movies I'e Never Seen

Confession: I'm one of those people who constantly gets caught in conversations with others about movies I've never seen.  For some reason, there are all these "classic" (or at least modernly classic) movies that I somehow missed out on.  Here's a list of the top ten movies I'm constantly reminded that I've never seen.  These are in no particular order. 
Side note: I'm mostly writing this post so that I'll have a reference for movies I need to watch.


Top Gun
I've seen this one in bits and pieces but not all at once in one sitting.
The Patriot

The Goonies

It's a Wonderful Life
I know, I know. I feel like as a girl, I should have seen this at some point in my life. But I haven't. So there. 
Pulp Fiction

The Matrix
Even though I've never seen this, I have to say that I also have absolutely no interest in ever seeing it. Yes, I am judging this book by its cover.

Fight Club

I did go on the "Jaws" ride at Universal Studios once. Does that count?
Notice that there aren't really any romantic comedies on this list- it seems I have seen most of those. So typical.

What about you? Are there movies you've never seen that you get constantly ragged on about? 


  1. ....GIRL! ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE?! I'm appalled, by that one ONLY.

    And I completely understand where you are coming from. I have yet to see any of the Star Wars or Star Trek movies/tv shows and always get called out for it. I am also that person that can't remember anything about any actors/actresses or movies that they've seen unless it has to do with one of my favorite actresses or an attractive actor. :)

  2. and of course, i have seen them all. before i had kids, i watched movies all the time- couldn't get enough! now it's rare so i am highly selective and dont' waste time with movies i think won't be great!

  3. Braveheart is great, Gladiator is great, and Top Gun is AMAZING. I've never seen the Patriot, but you can 100% skip the Goonies. My friends gave me a hard time about this one and I finally watched it and I think it's one of those that if you don't watch it as a kid, you think it's stupid.

    I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life either, but I'm pretty sure I would hate it based on the racist/sexist criticisms it receives.

    Pulp Fiction is pretty good - I recently saw it as well. The best part about it is the cast... All the best actors before the MADE IT.

    And girl, WATCH THE MATRIX! Seriously. Just do it.

    And I've never seen Fight Club or Jaws either. No desire, really...

    Have you seen XMEN? That's one of my surprise favorites. I LOVE all XMEN movies!

  4. okay so i was going to give you a hard time, especially about The Goonies but you are young so it wasn't part of your generation :) I have seen them all except for Jaws and fight club, only bits and pieces. But I'm okay with that :) Brave heart is pretty awesome and It's a Wonderful Life, is absolutely fantastic!! Such a great classic movie.

  5. I'm just as bad. I've only seen 4 of those. Haven't ever seen It's a Wonderful Life in full - just bits and pieces, so I guess I'm as bad as you. I've also never seen any of the old classics either like 'Gone with the Wind' or 'Casablanca'. Even my husband is appalled by that! LOL

  6. first, i'm pretty offended that you haven't seen Top Gun. i hope that you have seen A Few Good Men; otherwise, you have done tom cruise's career a complete injustice.

    i have never seen any Lord of the Rings movies in full. i started one on a date and fell asleep. i figured that was a pretty bad start, so i stopped.

  7. All movies are best in a my life so i am very impressed with your collection so keep posting on Top Ten Movies


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