Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Weekend

I'm sharing some of my most recent favorite pins from pinterest in this post for a little eye candy!

This weekend has been surprisingly fabulous.  Saturday morning started early, as I woke up and rushed to get my laundry in the washing machines.  I wanted to make sure that if we lost power, I at least had some clean clothes to sit around in!  

After I got the laundry done on Saturday, I cleaned my entire apartment- including vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom. It feels so nice to be typing this in my nice and clean apartment!  

While I waited out the storm, I got to relax and hang out around the apartment.  Let me say that the storm was a great excuse to do nothing! I think we all needed that!

Today, I went to brunch with a friend and then laid out by the pool for a bit.  It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day.  It was great to sit by the pool and soak up the sun!

The fall semester of school starts up again tomorrow and this is a great way to start it off. 

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