Monday, August 29, 2011

Chiffon Dreams

I don't know why exactly, but lately I have been so drawn to chiffon fabrics and dresses.  Perhaps I am just looking for lighter fabrics as we move into fall.  Slightly counterintuitive, but true nonetheless. 

Polyvore set found here.
I recently bought the dress on the far left in that picture.  I really love wearing it and it is super comfortable!  It just made me feel so light and airy when I wore it to work last week.  I think the one in the middle may be my next purchase.

Here are some other great chiffon options out there.  How amazing is the top in the top left corner?
Polyvore set found here. 
I absolutely adore that black & white top.  If I were going to dress someone else to wear it- this is how I would dress them.
Polyvore set found here.

(I'm thinking this outfit would not look so hot on moi- not to mention I would break every bone in my body in those heels, but they are cute, yes? Yes!)

Happy fall shopping, everyone! 


  1. Oooh oooh I could totally work that bottom look! I even have black skinny jeans that an ex boyfriend referred to as my "fuck you" jeans HAHA. Now I just need someone to fund my shopping addict and to pay you to be my stylist :)

  2. @Jenn- I have absolutely NO doubt whatsoever that you could pull this off. that top was pretty inexpensive and you already have the jeans... just sayin!


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