Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beautiful Baubles

I was perusing another blog today, and I stumbled upon jewelry made by Kendra Scott.  Oh. My. Word. Yall.  It's like what i've been searching for.

I've been really bored with my costume jewelry lately.  I have a few pieces of very nice jewelry that have been given to me over my lifetime for all sorts of special occassions, but I also love to mix things up with trendier costume jewelry every now and again.  I'm totally LOVING all of these pieces.
 I love the emerald green color!

These are SO me. Like, beyond...

These beauties are even purple and gold! [Some observations are so hard-wired in my personality that I just cannot escape them.]

These would be beautiful with the right dress- maybe for a holiday party? 

Happy Wednesday! 

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