Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Tour: Master "Bedroom"

A few friends who read this blog have been asking for pictures of my apartment.  It is finally really coming together, so I'm going to post a few of the areas that are done sporadically over the next few weeks.  

I live in a small studio, so technically my apartment is just one big room, other than the bathroom.  I could technically just post pictures of the whole thing at once, but what fun would that be?

So, without further ado, welcome to my master "bedroom"- or bedroom area, at least.  

Just so you get an idea, my living room is to the right and the kitchen is directly behind the photographer (me!).  

I purchased the bedding (minus the white quilt) at overstock.com about a year ago.  I got the entire set- shams, sheets, bedspread and bedskirt for around $100.  I definitely think I will want something different in the future, but for now, I am still very happy with it.  The bed itself has been mine since I picked it out in third grade- I think I did pretty well for a third-grader since I still really love this bed!  The wreath above the bed was purchased at Target. 

This photo was taken from the living room area.  You can see that I have a really big window that lets in a lot of light, especially in the afternoon.  When I first moved in, the owner had all sheer panels on this window, but I replaced the two panels on either side of it with navy blackout panels that I already owned. (I kept the panels the owner originally had in a safe place so I can put them back when I move out!)  I think that helps it look more polished.  Ideally, I wish I had blinds of some kind on this window since it can be pretty bright in the morning, but as a renter, that is not really a budget-friendly option- especially with such a big window!

I posted this picture so you can see the cute rug I found for the bedside.  I got it at a crafts fair in Georgia with my aunt.

This is a close-up of the bedside tale (obviously).  The lamp is extremely special to me.  It was made by my mother's uncle.  She cherished it for many years and kept it at her home desk and now it is mine. Isn't it beautiful with the fleur de lis? You seriously could not buy something this great- especially with the subtle green, purple and gold.  It reminds me so much of Louisiana and I just love it.  I think it is probably my favorite thing in the entire apartment.

The small catch-all is something I purchased in Venice and the photo is of my mom as a little girl.  Isn't it pretty? 

The table I love and am really happy with.  It came from Primitive & Proper. Cassie and Emily refurbish furniture in the Southern Maryland area.  They have some absolutely adorable stuff!  They even deliver to DC for a pretty reasonable fee.  They are so great and easy to work with and their furniture is just beautiful.  I highly recommend them to any locals who love a shabby chic/ vintage aesthetic.  I have a couple of other pieces from them, but you will have to wait to see those with the other "rooms" of my house. I like the distressed style of this table because if it gets a bit banged up in the next few years if/when I move, it will just add more charm to it! 

This small bookshelf is the last part of my bedroom.  It holds school books, pleasure books on my to-read list, and reference books at the bottom.  On the top shelf is my LSU "Scentsy".  This was a gift from my aunt and uncle for graduation and I really love it!  If you haven't heard of this, it is a wickless candle-type thing.  It has a small light in the bottom which heats up wax stored at the top, emitting a fragrance.  The fragrances they gave me smell so great, and since there is no buffer between my kitchen and my bedroom, this gets a lot of use! 

Thanks for reading this super-long post and touring my bedroom! 


  1. 1. I LOVE your bedroom area!
    2. I can't help but tear up at the picture of your mom when she was a little girl. There is such a resemblance of that picture and the picture on your stairway in Memphis of you with the straw hat on.

    I love you & you need to come help me decorate!

  2. yayy ive been so excited to see your new place! i love it miss!!

  3. What is that badass tree art thing? Love it!

  4. Jenny- I got it off of etsy! Do you shop on etsy?


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