Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good Reads

I thought I would highlight a couple of books that I read this summer today.

This was such a fantastic book!  It follows a community living on an island in the English Channel right after World War II.  The island was the only occupied section of England during the war.  After the war, a writer from London decides to write about the island. The book is written in the style of letters back and forth between the characters.  If you like historical fiction, you should pick this up!  I laughed out loud at some points, as the main character, the writer, is really funny.

This was another read I really enjoyed.  This is one of those books that follows a real historical figure and her life story.  Some of the details are a bit fudged historically, but that's why it is fiction.  The book is very entertaining to read, and it gives you a great peak into life in ancient Egypt, at least among the privileged folks.

Make sure to stop by tomorrow, I will be joining the Kelly's Korner home tour series tomorrow with my little "home office."


  1. These look interesting! Maybe I can add them to my "Christmas" reading list :)
    i have so many of your books on my bookshelf...
    if i haven't said it recently... I MISS YOU!

  2. Historical fiction - I should have guessed ;)


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