Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Sticky Situation

Well I think my dear pup Eliza knew just how desperate I was to come up with blog content, because yesterday she stepped in gum. 

Yes. Gum. 
I guess she knew that this would make for an amusing blog entry. 

Apparently this happens to a lot of people, because there was a good bit of information out there on the web for me to consult.  

And, just to clarify- the gum was not in her hair. It was stuck, very, very stuck, on her paw- up in between the bed of her foot.  And to add insult to injury, all dogs have very sensitive paws and my dog happens to be a big drama queen. 

So after ruling out the peanut butter option (because I didn't have any in the house) and the cutting-out option (the last thing I wanted to do was cut her paw), I decided to go with canola oil and cotton balls.

In case you should ever find your pet in a similar situation, you soak the cotton ball in canola oil. Then, you slowly work the oil into their paw. This took a few minutes for us (and lots of patience and calming down) but all the gum eventually came out without too much drama! 

Although Eliza was not too happy with me. She was even less happy when I subsequently gave her a bath.
Sporting her drowned rat look. Hehe. 
So, that is the story of Eliza and the gum. I think I actually stressed myself out more than I should have. It was much less difficult than I thought to remove the gum. Thank heavens for the internet! 


  1. love it! well, not that poor eliza was in such discomfort, but more so the wet rat look. funny how the cutest dogs dry are hideous when wet = )

  2. this doesnt compare to the lil mouse story. may he rest in peace.

  3. ahahahaha, oh my. her poor, "get me out of here!" look is priceless! poor little thing!

  4. little eliza! I'm not so sure she would appreciate this picture on the internet :)

  5. So glad it all worked out! She's so cute even if she's a drama queen ;-) It was great seeing you last night! Hopefully we can chat more next month!


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