Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was jam-packed with fun things to do.  I started off the weekend on Friday night at Cassie's adorable home in Maryland!  True story: You can meet fun and normal people via craigslist... sometimes.  I met Cassie over the internet after I saw a craigslist posting of one of her furniture pieces. It was only a matter of time before I got hooked on her blog and on perusing  the furniture on the Primitive & Proper website.  We later met at the DC Bloggers Brunch, and then I saw her again at Luckett's last month.  Well... fast forward a month and Cassie redid a beautiful trunk. I had been looking to replace my coffee table for a while, but I never found something that struck my fancy just right- until I saw the trunk on her blog. 

So, I trecked it out to Maryland Friday to pick up my trunk! I also got to stay for a few minutes of her monthly "Wine & Design" night. I wish I'd been able to stay longer. 

Remember my living room before?

Well here it is now with my new trunk!
Cassie, I know you imagined this in a beach bungalow, but how do you think it looks in my city studio?  Haha- not quite what you had pictured, I know! 

I really loved the old trunk, but it was impractical as a coffee table because it was a bit unsteady on top.  The new coffee table is beautiful, better with the scale and style of my apartment, and still offers (very crucial) storage. 

After I brought the trunk home, I went out to celebrate my friend Nisha's birthday! We didn't take any pictures- but I wanted to give a little shout-out to my friend!

Saturday and Sunday I spent with my friend-since-5th-grade, Rebecca. Rebecca is in DC for a month-long academic conference as part of her super-smarty-pants fellowship. I am very excited to have her in DC for the next month. It was an adventure of a weekend to get her acclimated to DC. I'm so proud she is already taking buses by herself and doing very well navigating! Luckily, we've had great weather to walk around in.

I introduced Rebecca to Five Guys on Saturday- she's now a convert. We also had dinner at my all-time fav, Oyamel.  I'm definitely feeling the need to eat a big salad today- or maybe just not eat again for a while. Haha. 

Hope you all had a good weekend! 

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  1. it looks PERFECT in there!!!! yay! i love your rug. love it! ic an't wait til i can get some nice rugs when my dogs stop ruining them... like when they are old and too lazy to run around outside. ;)
    and that is so awesome that rebecca is in town for a month! have fun!!


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