Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guest Post: Jenn from Jenn Said What?!

I am so excited to have Jenn here today guest blogging. Blogging is such a wonderful way to meet people and make connections and Jenn is here today to share some ideas about connecting with other bloggers. 
Hi Katelyn’s friends! I’m Jenn, and I blog over at Jenn Said What?!  I met Katelyn a few years ago while we were both attending a leadership camp in rural Illinois. It was about as much fun as a leadership camp in rural Illinois sounds, but at least I got to meet Katelyn!

I was so excited when I discovered Katelyn had started blogging because it’s been something I’ve done on the regular for over three years now. Three years means a lot of time spent writing, editing and building a community. And of course, the community aspect is my favorite part of blogging.

I’ve met some amazing, wonderful people through blogging. Strong, passionate and fiery women who challenge me and support me every day. I take every opportunity I can to move my friendships offline and hang out IRL. One of my favorite blogging events ever was Bloggers in Sin City this past May.

Imagine going to Las Vegas. Now imagine going to Las Vegas with 55 other bloggers from around the country (and Canada!). Now imagine going to Las Vegas with 55 other bloggers and getting VIP access to all sorts of venues and shows and basically taking over the strip. IT WAS AWESOME.

If you get the chance to go to a blogger meet-up, I highly recommend it. It allows you to put a face to a blog and really build on the relationships that you started online.

Next up for me: speaking at the 20SB Summit in Chicago on August 20 & 21, where I’ll get to see and meet even more of my internet friends. If you’re interested in starting a blog, building the one you have, transitioning into social media as a career or just hearing some inspiring stories, you should DEFINITELY attend. And most importantly, be sure to come say hi to me if you’re there!
Thank you again, Jenn!!! 

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