Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I do not care for linen fabric. I absolutely love the look of it- but for clothing, it makes me crazy how it wrinkles so quickly. I know it is "supposed" to wrinkle, but I don't like it. I just don't. And I don't like that I don't like it, because I love the look of it when it is all pristine.  Oh yeah, it also is hard to get stains out of- at least in my experience. 

My friend Emily sent me a link to this awesome website: I Can't Find My Phone. Perfect for single gals when your phone goes missing. Just hope & pray it isn't on silent. 

Did anyone else watch the Miss USA pageant on Sunday? I was severely underwhelmed. Sure, the girls are pretty. But anytime they had to talk, I literally cringed and changed the channel.  I'm not saying Miss USA- of all organizations- has ever been a beacon of good decorum, but these ladies were not impressive.

I'm still loving Pippa and her sis, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Sorry I'm not sorry. 
A couple of weeks ago my friend Emily sent me a really depressing article about the dating scene in Washington, DC.  [In her defense, she said she didn't read the article before she sent it to me...]  The article basically said women in DC are really uptight and career-driven and uninterested in making time for dating. And, the article said... therefore, DC has the highest number of fertility specialists per capita of any other American city. You know... since people wait until they are in their late 30s to make time to settle down and have families.  Great stuff, huh?  (I'm being sarcastic in case it didn't come across well...)

Emily also sent me another article about how DC was named the best city to raise children in. I don't know if I agree with that... but her email subject line was amazing. She said: if you ever find a man at least you'll be in a good town to raise kids.  Fair point, Emily. 

I recently found this great blog called Can You Stay for Dinner? What a great title for a food blog, huh? The "hostess" aka author, Andie, has a great and I think truly inspirational weight loss story.  You should definitely check out her blog. 

My dog has started licking the sides of her paws incessantly!!!! And, by association, she also licks the fabric in my house.  It is driving me crazy and she is no longer allowed on my sofa because of this. Does anyone have tips to make her STOP it right now??? Or like, even soon would be good. 

Speaking of dogs, Marley & Me was on television last night. Man do I love that movie. Even if it does make me cry like a baby.  The movie is just so great at capturing the love that you can have for a dog and how a dog can become such an important part of your family.  


  1. i would believe it about dc, sadly.... only because we moved here from louisiana as you know where i was on par.... moved here and i became one of the "younger" moms. where i don't think i am that young as a mom. and i do agree that it is because people have careers first, but in their defense it is so freaking expensive to live here that i think i would have been more career driven first if we have had our kids here!!!!
    and as for the dog, there is actually something you can out on their paws... i don't know what it is called though, but you can also put some kind of hot stuff on there, too. i know i am really informative and helpful. :)

  2. haha sorry i sent you a terrible article and then a less terrible article but im glad you liked the subject line. miss you! love you!


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