Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Thank you to the fun friends who have volunteered to guest blog for me next week. We are going to have some fun topics around here next week- get excited!

Thank you to the blogging community for being so friendly and supportive.

Thank you to the inventor of shaving cream. What a lifesaver.
Thank you to the redneck riviera. I'm gearing up for my trip down there (I leave Saturday) and I am so excited!!

Thank you to the guys who just cleaned my air conditioner- but could you come back and put the cover on? (I think they forgot...)


  1. Ooooh if you need more guest bloggers I'll do it!!!!

  2. ohhh i want to be at the beach with you this week!

  3. Thank you for adding the sun savvy badge to your blog!


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