Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bathroom Revamp

I've been thinking about re-doing my bathroom for a while now.  If you read this blog often, you are probably already sick of hearing about it.

Well... I've finally finished revamping the bathroom!  

First, remember how it looked before?

And now...
I wanted to brighten it up and make it more lively! 



These glass shelves seriously annoyed me before.  Every single time I cleaned them, they were dusty two seconds later.  To solve this problem, I cut some fabric to fit the shelves.  Now I won't have to worry about dusting them every day.

My cute catchall from Emily now holds bracelets/ bangles! 

I got this cute little painting at the beach.  I really love it.

Lastly, I added these hooks for my necklaces.  I got the hooks on sale from Anthropologie.  I think they add a little something unusual to the room- something I normally might not pick, but I think they look cute.

Thanks for touring the bathroom (again)! 


  1. the revamp looks great! the color really helped make it look more "you".

  2. love it! my catchall has bracelets in it too!!

  3. oh i LOVE the idea of a shower curtain valance! i was going to have a curtain made long enough for our showers but i think this may do the trick!!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! Emily- I like having the valance too. It was actually here and left by the owner- lucky me! Its nice because the curtain rod has seen better days but nobody can tell :)

  5. oh my gosh! i think i painted my bathroom like the exact same color! or pretty darn clsoe anyhow. see, best friends i tell you! or maybe i would have been your roommate and we;d have been the coolest.


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