Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Restaurant Week in D.C.

Here's a great heads-up for all who live in the D.C. area and enjoy dining out:
Its Restaurant Week in D.C.!  
It runs through the 23, although some restaurants are extending the specials until the next week as well.

You can get all the details here, but here's a quick recap:

Over 200 restaurants in the DC area are participating in Restaurant week.
You can purchase tickets for lunch or dinner.
Lunch is $20.11 for a three course prix-fixe menu.
Dinner is $35.11 for a three course prix-fixe menu.
This is such a great way to get a fancy meal without the fancy bill.

I'm planning to try a new restaurant with a friend, but if you are looking for recommendations, the following restaurants are fantastic:
(Sorry, you knew I would say it! This is my favorite DC eatery by far.)

(They have this amazing eggplant appetizer thing.)

Georgia Brown's 
(Pretty decent "soul food.") 

(Not my absolute favorite, but still good.)

Art & Soul
(Oh my gosh- get the hocakes, if they have them!)

Happy Eating! 

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