Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Le Birkin

I have this fascination with a certain bag.  But it isn't just any bag.  
Oh, no.  
It is the bag to rival all others.  The ultimate status symbol.  A beacon of style and class.

The Birkin.
by Hermès 

I can't explain my fascination with the Birkin.  They are ridiculously expensive.  My desire to buy one is completely irrational and impractical, not to mention completely unrealistic (as in... probably never going to happen). 
But I can't help it. 

Go ahead, judge me all you want.  But I know you probably want one too.

Kelly Rutherford does the Birkin so well.

Yesterday, I found this article on the NYT website. It featured this bag:

I think it is sort of genius.  It is a canvas bag that you can use for whatever you want, with pictures of a Birkin on it.  I love that it has a sense of humor and irony.
It is available here for $35.

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