Monday, January 10, 2011

Lauren's Visit to DC

My friend Lauren came up to DC for a quick 2 and 1/2 day visit.  It was so much fun! 

We started off on Thursday by going to the US Capitol.
We took one of the standard tours of the Capitol.  I've done this twice now with different people who've come in town and I really enjoyed it.

Then, we headed to my favorite museum: the Museum of American History.

My favorite exhibit in the museum, by far, is the First Ladies' Exhibit.  
They have gowns and artifacts from many of the First Ladies, including this dress which once belonged to Martha Washington!  How cool is that?!
I definitely recommend checking out the exhibit for yourself the next time you visit DC.

That night, we went to Oyamel for dinner.  Oyamel has become one of my favorites!  I didn't take any pictures, but you can rest assured that we definitely enjoyed the guacamole and more!

On Friday, we headed to the National Zoo.

We started out by visiting the pandas.
I've visited the ones in Memphis many times before, but Lauren had never seen a panda in person.  They are always so chill.

Recently, two lions at the zoo welcomed seven, yes, SEVEN cubs!  I am so glad people do not have babies in "litters."  (Well, usually...)  We were there at the right time to see the cubs.
Aren't they so cute!  

They made the cutest little noises.

I also took some pictures of this HUGE hole they are digging at the zoo:

Apparently, they are building a new home for sea lions and seals.
They are also building a new elephant habitat.  Apparently, the National Zoo will be rocking by 2013!  

We had a great time, but sadly we didn't get to see that many animals.  Many were indoors and moved off exhibit because of the weather.  Hopefully, there will be more animals the next time I visit.

Later on Friday, we did some shopping at Tyson's Corner in Virginia and then made a MASSIVE trip to the grocery store.  Since my car was still here, I took advantage! 

We then headed home to watch the LSU Tigers BEAT Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl!
Image source here
It was a great football season for LSU and I am as proud as ever to be an LSU Tiger!

On Saturday morning, we ate brunch at Founding Farmers before Lauren headed to the airport.  

Thanks, Lauren, for visiting!  I hope you will come to Washington again soon! 

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