Monday, February 21, 2011

City of New Orleans

This weekend I traveled to New Orleans to attend a party for my friend Kathryn.  I had some much needed time with friends and time to just have a good time and enjoy myself.  I had a ton of school work to do (I still need to do it...) but I just let myself enjoy the weekend and not worry about any of that. 

There was a mini-fiasco when I got to New Orleans Friday night because my friend Lauren, who was picking me up from the airport, thought I was flying into Baton Rouge.  So when I arrived at the New Orleans airport, she was arriving at the one in Baton Rouge AN HOUR AWAY! It was so typical that you just had to laugh at the situation.  I sat at the bar in the airport and waited for her to get there.  I'm so glad she was able to change her plans and come to New Orleans early! 

Most of the pictures on this blog are of food. Please excuse that. These days, I eat at home mostly and unless someone is in town visiting, I rarely splurge on going out to a nice dinner in D.C.  Plus the food here is nothing like it is in Louisiana- so I think I was almost as excited about eating good food as I was about seeing my friends! 

Once she got to New Orleans, we headed to dinner at Pascal's Manale. Pascal's Manale is the orignial home of Bar-B-Que Shrimp. 
Ah-mazing crusty French Bread.  The real thing.
This was Lauren's first time trying the shrimp and my second. They were so good and flavorful!

We had such a fun time at dinner!  The next day we met up with my friend Rachel and had brunch in the Quarter.  I didn't take any pictures but it was fun to see Rachel! The food wasn't even that great, but it was still leaps and bounds better than the brunch food in D.C. (maybe I'm just biased?). 

That afternoon after a quick cat-nap, we did some walking and browsing on Magazine Street.   Being the terrible blogger that I am I didn't take any pictures of the shops, but I did take one of the cute little pasty & gelato shop we went in: Sucré on Magazine.

Isn't this place cute?  We had some gelato and it was super yummy.

Later that night we headed to the party that I came in town for.  It was a party for my friend Kathryn and it was hosted by her parents at Restaurant August in downtown New Orleans.  August is an amazing restaurant!  It is owned by Chef John Besh, and he even came up to the party for a little bit!  It was so fun! 

After much agonizing over what to wear, here's what I ended up with.
These were the best representations of the individual pieces that I wore that I could find on polyvore.  I'm still learning how to use polyvore to its full effect! My dress is very similar to this one in silhouette and color, but it doesn't have all the draping on the bottom.  One of my feet has been hurting on and off since I twisted my ankle about a week and a half ago, so I went with comfort over cuteness in the shoe department and I have to say I don't regret it.  I'm glad I wasn't hobbling around the rest of the night and the next day.

Here are some random pictures from the night.

The party was so fun! The food was delicious, the wine was plentiful (at least, for me) and the company was the best part of all! It was so nice to spend some time with my friends.  I hope I will be friends with these girls for a really, really long time! 

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  1. I am so happy you could come in town for the party!! I had such a wonderful time with you. See you in two weeks for the big event! Take more pictures next time haha :)


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