Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Necessity Breeds Invention

I'm just putting this out there for all of you folks who might still be working your way through undergrad. Be prepared.  I had no clue that I would be MORE stressed about finances after I graduated, but it has happened.  Moving to a new city and going to graduate school are not exactly super-affordable endeavors.  When that meets with a summer of working at a non-paid internship (and so many are non-paid), things can get a little be tight in the financial department. 

When I moved into my apartment, I needed all of those things that you need when you move, so I spent a day out in the 'burbs of D.C. going to Walmart and Target (it was heavenly).  But I was really concentrated on buying ONLY necessities: like, say, a trashcan and shower cleaner.  Not glamorous, but true.  

  I have always loved the look of apothecary jars, especially when they are used in a kitchen or bathroom.  But these start at $20 a piece, even if you find them at a discount store like Home Goods, they are pricey.  So I decided to use mason jars instead.
via Pottery Barn
I bought the jars brand new from Walmart and I purchased a set of 12 for about $7.00.  Things don't get much more affordable than that.  (Bought in an antique store or flea market, antique jars usually start around $7.00 a piece, but oftentimes you can find a blue jar, which is so pretty!)
Truth be told, I think I prefer the look of these,  I store the things I need all the time here and they are so easy to use. (I don't have the lid on these- just the other piece of the lid, so I can just reach right in and get what I need.)

I also found a ton of ways to use the 8 other jars.
Left to Right: for make-up brushes, extra buttons, and food items that I buy in the bulk aisle at Whole Foods.  I also use mason jars when I make iced tea or homemade dressing.  They work so well that I only have one empty one left. 

Sometimes when you have to get creative due to lack of funds, it works out better than you can imagine! 

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  1. So I totally agree with you about trying to find attractive, cheap ways to store items. I have used pretty decorative bowls that I found for cheap at a Royal Standard Tent Sale for my bathroom storage. I don't have much counter space so that helps a lot, and looks cute.

    I love to find unique ceramic pieces on the sly, like at the local university ceramic sale. LSU has one at least once or twice a year and I can find unique pieces there. I like how you stored your TP in that basket on the bottom shelf. I might steal the idea. Keep up the insightful posts!



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