Monday, February 28, 2011

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

I would like to thank the Academy for providing me with a few too many hours of entertainment last night.  Between what I saw on television both during the show and beforehand and the many opinions being voiced on twitter, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Here are my favorites from the night.
Seriously, Michelle Williams' make up is flawless.
Anne had some great looks during the show, and I love that her red carpet look was so "red carpet" and that her looks during the show were so incredible on stage.
I love this look on Celine. How is it possible that she recently had twins?!
I thought Gwyneth looked so beautiful last night! The only thing that threw me off is that her earrings matched her brooch exactly, which was a little much for me.  The dress would have been just as beautiful without the brooch.   
Hailee Steinfield looks adorable.  I saw an interview with her and she was just so mature and humble. 
Sandra Bullock looked so great.  This was a great dress for a presenter and I thought her hair and makeup were flawless.
I absolutely love this Elie Saab on Mila Kunis.  This was absolutely my number two favorite look of the night.  The color and the fabric are so delicate and look fantastic on her! She has made some great choices this season.

 And finally, my favorite of the night.
 When I saw this Givenchy dress on Cate Blanchett, it made me so happy.  This dress is so unusual and unexpected.  This is a look that I feel only someone like Cate could pull off. And her hair and makeup suit the dress perfectly. I just don't think we will see a dress like this again for a long time.  It belongs in a museum for people to see up close.

As for the show itself, I thought there were surprisingly no surprises with who won, but it was still a great production anyway.  I especially enjoyed the end of the show with the children and the winners.  It was so sweet how the kids's t-shirts had their singing parts like "alto" and "soprano" on them.  
I didn't love Anne Hathaway as a host, but I think James Franco may have been the reason for her demise.  Did you watch the show and the red carpet arrivals? What did you think?

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