Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey Good Lookin'

... what you got cookin?

From feedback I've gotten in the past, I know that you, my dear readers, enjoy posts about home décor and design.  Well, I've shown you my digs already, and since I won't be moving until August at the earliest, I will try to oblige you all with some inspiration photos.

All images in this post are via Southern Living.

One thing you might notice with all of these kitchens is that the cabinets are painted. I don't know if I love this look because my kitchen growing up had painted cabinets or what... but I just have a clear preference. 

I absolutely love the floor here and that color blue!

This kitchen just looks so crisp and clean to me.

I love the idea of an island being painted in a different color than the rest of the kitchen.

Love the way this kitchen is laid out and the lighting in the photo.

I love the wood top on that island. So pretty and unexpected. 

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