Monday, March 28, 2011

Quilt It

No, I'm not talking about Vera Bradley, people.

I'm talking about Susan Weinroth's blog. Have you seen it yet? 

Susan is the mom of two young boys and as a hobby/ side job, she makes the most beautiful quilts for her sons and for her friends and family. No, seriously they are unlike anything I've ever seen.

Here. Let me show you.
(All photos used with permission). 

This one is called "scrappy stripes." 

Isn't the back so quirky? I love it.

Look at this sweet little embroidery. Perfect for a sweet baby girl.

Isn't this one pretty? It would make really great inspiration for a nursery or any other room for that matter. And yellow & grey are all over the place these days.

This one is called "The Princess and the Pea."  How perfect is that? 

This quilt was one Susan used in her son's room. It is so bright and happy.

Look at that sweet giraffe!

Susan even makes pillows... I like it!

This one is called "Sunshine Squares."  It is so lovely.

I love that all these quilts are so modern, yet somehow they are still classic. Definitely inspirational to me. 
Let me add this to my list of reasons to learn how to really sew so that someday I might be good enough to make something like these. 


  1. Love those quilts too! It was great meeting you on Saturday. Hope your dog is better :)
    Amy ~mysunshineshere

  2. I'm in love! There is a woman in Rangeley, Maine who has a HUGE long-arm quilting machine in her house. After I piece my quilts I send them to her and she does the most amazing job quilting the pieces together (and she's super affordable). She has a gazillion different designs she uses. When you do learn how to "really sew" and finish a quilt top I highly recommend sending it to her for finishing!


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