Sunday, March 6, 2011

T.V. Watch

I'm probably into television shows a little too much lately. I try to control myself but it's hard.

Have you seen Bethenny Ever After yet? The first episode premiered on Bravo last week and it was so cute. That baby is adorable! 

 Okay, for you fellow Big Love fans out there (ahem... Laura) what do you think of this season?! I think there are only 3 episodes left and I do NOT know for the life of me how they are going to resolve all of these issues.  Part of me keeps waiting for Barb to fly off the handle and do something wild. However they end it, I hope they don't pull another Sopranos move on us.

The Real Housewives of Orange County are back! I'm not so enthusiastic about this season, but I think that the Beverly Hills ladies kind of ruined everything for me.  RHOBH was so good that I just don't think any other season will live up. Have you been watching the Miami housewives? I've been avoiding them because they look pretty boring to begin with and I refuse to allow myself to be sucked into another dramatic show! I am loyal to Bravo enough as it is.

And lastly, Sister Wives is back too. Their show premieres March 13. This season follows the family as they deal with the fall-out from their exposure (to the world) and to the police in the first season.  It should be another interesting season.  I guess the real question is will this family ever be on t.v. long enough for me to learn even one of the kids' names? Haha.

What shows are you watching these days? Are there any you are purposefully avoiding, like me? 

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