Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On Blogging

In September, I made the jump and finally started blogging. This, after originally getting hooked on Kelly's Korner  (I blame that on my BFF Courtney) and subsequently getting sucked into the world of décor and lifestyle blogs.  Many of my favorite blogs are highlighted on my right-hand sidebar. I do hope you will visit them and give them some love. 

Back to why I started blogging. I guess I decided it was time to contribute and I wanted to test the waters of joining a different type of community. I also wanted a place to post pictures so that my girlfriends could see my new apartment. (And let's face it- facebook is not the best place for such a thing anymore. That's another topic for another day.)  

When I first started this blog, I knew I would have at least two faithful readers: Courtney and Emily. I knew (or trusted) that they would read my blog because they love blogs as much as I do, even though neither one of them have taken the plunge and started contributing to the community... yet.  And when I first started blogging, I was so excited with every single comment I got. And I still get excited whenever I see a new comment. Like really excited.  And when people regularly started reading my blog it made me really excited (and surprised).

Well now, after six months of blogging, I have over 30 followers. Let me just say that I am astonished by this and so thankful to each one of you for visiting this little blog and sharing your thoughts with me. I feel a bit like Sally Field: They like me! They really like me! 
I didn't start blogging looking to build a blog "brand" and that still isn't my goal. My goal was to document things about my new life as a semi-adult and as a young woman starting out and making her way in life. That is still my goal. The idea that blogging can lead to more is just icing on the cake.

That icing materialized last weekend when I had the chance to attend a local Blogger's Brunch with several other bloggers in the DC area. I've highlighted all the attendees under my new sidebar section: DC Bloggers.  I really hope you will go and visit some of these wonderful ladies and read about all their ideas for life and living!  The fact that I have made new friendships through blogging is amazing to me and I am very thankful for it. I hope blogging will continue to be a connector in my life and for other people.

I've noticed that I have a few new followers following this brunch extravaganza! I thought I would point to a few of my favorite posts for anyone who might be new around these parts. 
Click here for:

I say all of this to say, thank you. Thank you to people who read this blog regularly and hopefully get something out of it! You keep me going and motivated.  If I wasn't a poor little old graduate student I would have some giveaway to show you all my love. 
But instead I'm just going to give you all a big virtual hug.
I really do love ya'll more than my luggage.
(Major props to anyone who names the source of that quote.)


  1. yayy for your new blog friends! i already saw your pic on primative and proper!

  2. I like this quote... "I hope blogging will continue to be a connector in my life" - I couldn't agree more. :)

    Oh and... Steel Magnolias. You practically gave it away with that Sally Field reference. But I would have known it anyway. ;)

  3. I wanted to let you know that I found your blog through HOUSEography after the DC brunch and just started following it. I live in Alexandria, but I didn't come across Melissa's blog until right before the brunch - too late! It's great to finally find a network of locals!

  4. I love reading your blog!! And I know that I do not comment regularly, which I will try to improve that. I do read every. single. day. though. Maybe I'll start one.... maybe when this semester is over haha.

  5. I really enjoyed talking and getting to know you on Saturday! I love your blog! And I LOVE your apartment. Those cane chairs you bought from Cassie, I almost bought them! As soon as I saw them in the picture I knew they were the same ones :-) Thanks for putting me on your sidebar. I have plans to do the same on my blog.

  6. i love your blog and you. i think tou are just so real and down to earth, and i enjoy reading your posts. i look forward to them! i think it i were 10 years younger and in school still, we'd be best friends. seriously. we can still be best friends if you want to come hang out with my kids. :)

  7. just checked out the tour and i love your bathroom! i think mine is the same color! i commented on it. i also love your bedroom- it is beautiful- that color is awesome!

  8. omg that's so cool you got to go meet other bloggers in the area!!! Soon your blog will be features in Southern Living and you'll be the hit blogger sensation across all of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also like the idea that more and more people can follow your blog so more people will learn to spell "eclectic" and "traditionalist", and also the meanings of course.

  9. @Kyra: props to that one! I realized I had sally field on here, and I was like, oh maybe that's overtly obvious. but both references fit so well i just couldn't help myself.

    @Susan: thanks for visiting! I definitely will be checking out your blog!

    @Court: duh. I can forgive you for not commenting every day. it's not like you are busy with school and work or anything.

    @Andi: I love those chairs! I don't sit on them cause I'm afraid of ruining the cane but I just love them! and thanks for the complements on my apartment! I love it too- and I loved trying to put it all together without spending a ton of moolah i didn't have to begin with.

    @Cassie: you are SO FUNNY!that's what struck me most about you on Saturday- besides the things I already knew about you. I feel like we could've had some good times if we were roommates in college (or even now-I need a roomie)! i bet your kids are hilarious. i already know they are adorable.

    @B: ummmm, idk about allathat but, i did have fun at the Brunch! and yes, eclectic is surprisingly hard to spell.


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