Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Ten Moments of 2010

1.  I graduated from LSU in May.
I graduated with College Honors after writing a thesis in my senior year and completing the other requirements over my four years at LSU.  The thesis was really hard, but I'm really glad I did it. 
To celebrate, we had a fancy party at Galatoire's in Baton Rouge with my extended family. 
My cake was awesome and my mom (especially) would have loved it.  I really missed her at my graduation and it was so hard to not have her there with me, but I know she was there in spirit. 
Geaux Tigers!

2.  I went to Napa for the first time.
My dad took me and my friend Elise to Napa and San Francisco for Spring Break in April.  It was one of the best trips I have ever been on and I am so thankful that Elise was able to go with us.  We had a fantastic time and I am glad we have that memory together as friends since we now live far apart.
It really will.

3.  I became an alumna of my sorority in May as well.  
My three and a half years as an active in college taught me so much about myself and about the world.
Seniors of 2010.

4. I moved to Washington, D.C. less than two weeks after graduation.
I moved to D.C. for an internship and to attend graduate school.  I started out living in the summer-leased dorms at George Washington University in Foggy Bottom.  
My aunt came to visit more times than I could count for work and she really helped me with moving to D.C. and getting settled (without a car).
Two of my good friends lived in D.C. over the summer for internships too and I'm so glad they were there with me.
My best friend came to visit me over the summer as well.  I hope she will come visit a lot more! 
Welcome to Washington.

5.  I had an incredible internship in D.C.
I got to see and to things I never even dreamed of seeing or doing.  I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities presented to me through my internship and for the friends I got to make while I was there.
Fourth of July on the South Lawn.

6.  I started graduate school at George Washington University.
And I completed my first semester with a great GPA.  It wasn't perfect, but I am still very proud of it.  Hopefully, I can improve even more in the future.
View of the Capitol from the Supreme Court.

7.  I moved into my first solo apartment.
And then I spent a lot of time and effort decorating it (on a budget).  And I really enjoyed that process.  My apartment isn't perfect, but I really love it. 
Chez moi.

8. One of my best friends got married and another had her first child.
I served as a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in May in Houma, Louisiana and serve as an honorary "auntie" to my friend's baby, Micah.  And so, it begins...
Sleeping Micah.

9. I started this blog.
And that's a top ten moment of 2010 as far as I'm concerned! 
This is where I blog... sometimes.

10. The Saints won the Super Bowl.
And I was in New Orleans when it happened.  I was with a group of diehard Saints fans and I will never forget their joy when the Saints won.
Victory... and my friend Rachel her fun mom in the foreground.
This picture embodies all the reasons that I love NOLA.

Bring it on 2011- I'm expecting great things! 


  1. i loved visiting, and hope to visit again soon!

  2. I love that I made this post twice! :) I miss you, ma belle! Wish I could've seen you while you were in La.

  3. I loved what you did with your apartment especially with limited space and budget. I'm so proud of you and all of your many accomplishments!


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