Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Winter Coat Hunt

Well, I know there are at least a few "yankees" out there who read this blog.  I'm enlisting your help today.  
Since I spent the last 4 years of my life living in Louisiana where we can sometimes wear shorts on Christmas Day, I have about zero knowledge about what I'm looking for in a really "good" winter coat.  Meaning, I have no idea about the essential ingredients of a worthy coat or about annoying things that I should avoid.

Here are some of my major questions:
1) Do I need a hood?
2) Wool or a coat with down?
3) It it honestly beneficial to have one of those coats that go all the way to the ankle? I mean, that just seems a bit extreme...

So, if you have an opinion about this stuff, please leave me a comment! 

Also, here are some options I'm considering:
From talbots

Also from Talbots. This one is wool lined with Thinsulate.  Thoughts?

This one is from Land's End.
The website says it is suitable for -35 to -5 degrees Fahrenheit.  That seems a bit extreme to me, but I'm wondering if it would still be good since I walk so much here.  I just don't want a coat that is too hot, you know?

Okay, people.  Have at the comments section! 


  1. Having lived in Chicago and Boston for the past 10 winters, I think I've got this down :)

    I would definitely go with a coat that at least covers your butt -- nothing worse than sitting on a cold bench with no coverage!

    I would choose a down coat over wool because they're warmer and they're more waterproof for those times you'll be walking while it's snowing. I would go with a hood for that same reason. A lot of coats have detachable ones so the bulkiness can be reduced.

    If you choose a dark color like black or navy or brown or something, you can ge away with wearing it to a nice dinner or party. Function always trumps fashion in these cases.

    May I also recommend BOOTS. Comfy, warm, waterproof snow boots. An with boots, ALWAYS choose function over fashion because there is nothing worse than cold wet feet.

    Good luck with your first big winter!!!

  2. ok I have no insight on this whatsoever but fyi these three coats all look beautiful! I think im going to try to get a down coat this year, because those beautiful wool ones would make me pretty nervous in the snow!!
    i'll stay tuned for your results!!


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