Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Dad's Chili Recipe

It is cold in D.C. now, and to me that means chili weather.  This is the recipe I use.  I got it from my dad.  It is so good and you'd think a ton went into it but it is really simple.

1-8oz. can of Tomato Sauce (I like to use the no salt added if you can find that)
1 Box of 2 Alarm Chili Mix
1-14oz can of Rotel
2 small or 1 large yellow onion
2 lbs of ground beef

Begin by dicing up the onion(s).

Place the onion in a skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the ground beef and brown.  (I usually do this in two batches, one small onion to one 1-lb. package of ground beef.)  After the beef is browned, drain on a plate with paper towels.

Add the beef and onions to a large pot that is set over medium-high heat.  Then, add 1-8 ounce can of tomato sauce, 1 can of Rotel and 2 cups of water.  Add in all the spices in the 2 Alarm Chili Packet, with the exception of the salt and the masa.  I leave the masa out completely.  I add the salt sparingly.  I'm not a big fan of salt, anyway.  

These are all the spices that come in the 2 Alarm Chili Kit.  They are all labeled. 
Be sure to add the red pepper according to taste.  If you add the entire packet of red pepper to the chili, it is going to be pretty hot.  I like it hot, so I add all of it, but that may not be best for everyone.  As my dad says, you can always add more but you can never add less.  

Stir all ingredients together and bring to a low boil.  

Allow to low-boil for 20 to 30 minutes.  Then, turn the heat down to low and let simmer for about 2 hours.  I know this sounds extreme, but my dad believes in the "low and slow" cajun method of cooking.  If you let something like this cook on low for a long period of time, the flavors all meld together and it tastes SO much better.  Check the chili and stir every now and then.  If you notice it is getting really thick, add in water to thin it out again as it is cooking.

Even though this dish takes a long time to cook, the leftovers are AWESOME and they are ready very quickly.  This dish also freezes well. 

Garnish with cheese, tortilla chips, fritos or sour cream.  If you make yours hot, you will definitely want to garnish it to cut down on the heat.

I also wanted to share with yall that I found the perfect outfit for my holiday party!

What do yall think??!! It even has matching pants in the EXACT same fabric. Those bits at the end are actually fringe-y.

I hope you didn't think I was serious.  I ordered something online last week and this ensemble came in my package.  I definitely did not order it. I don't even know how it ended up in my package because it is not the brand of the company I ordered from.  HOW WEIRD.  I have to figure out how to return it now.  


  1. oh my goodness, my heart sank just a little when i saw the gold fringe! oh my, how flashy! haha
    chili looks amazing, btw. i have never seen the 2 alarm chili in the store.

  2. i would actually wear that shirt... lol I think its really cool


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